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Save Up to 50% on Zn or Crossfade Wireless via NEW Immortal Life

  1. valkolton Contributor



    Enjoy the Next Gen of V-MODA  Headphones

    With the renewed Immortal Life Program






    Trade V-MODA earbuds/in-ear headphones​
    = 50% off towards a new pair of Zn​

    Trade Crossfade V-80/M-80/XS
    = 50% off towards a new pair of  XS

    Trade Crossfade LP/LP2
    = 50% off towards a new pair of Crossfade LP2

    Trade Crossfade M-100
    = 50% off towards a new pair of Crossfade M-100





    Trade your old V-MODA headphones*
    = coupon worth 50% of the actual headphones value
    to be used on a new pair of Crossfade Wireless

    *Headphones must be currently on sale and in stock at V-MODA.com


    Trade your Crossfade LP2 
    = receive a $85 coupon on Crossfade Wireless ​

    Trade your XS 
    = receive a $100 coupon on Crossfade Wireless

    Trade your Crossfade M-100
    = receive a $135 coupon on Crossfade Wireless








  2. noinoi24
    Awesome Val! By the way, any Black Friday deals on the V-moda Crossfade Wireless?
  3. samu
    So if I have M100 I can trade it with Crossfade Wireless for 135 USD discount? How do I procede?
  4. Evshrug
    Would it be a $135 discount or a $150 discount trading an M100 --> Crossfade Wireless?
    I can't find a link or page about this on V-MODA's site either.
  5. Kojaku
    So wait, does this hold for any pair of M-80s, for example? Or does the pair have to still be in warranty/have been purchased during the time that immortal life has been active?

  6. valkolton Contributor
    Here you can find all the details:
    Contact Six-Star Service to redeem your VIP Code!
  7. valkolton Contributor
    M-80s are in stock so Immortal Life applies.
    You will get a VIP Code worth $75.
  8. boylit
    Great Mr. V!
    I have a question.
    How about trading-in for a Zn? 
    Can't seem to find info regarding this...
  9. dcfac73
    I assume this will require us to send our old headphones to vmoda at our cost? What about postage of the replacement unit back to us? If we have to pay the postage it won't be worth doing especially from somewhere like Australia.

    Sorry, am I being stupid? We just need to ask for the discount if we're registered?
  10. valkolton Contributor
    Trade-in is for Crossfade Wireless for now.
    You can get 50% off on Zn if you own a pair of V-MODA in-ear headphones
  11. valkolton Contributor
    It is your decision. You can either send us the headphones or cut the cords and send us a picture which shows that the headphone won't work again.
    Our Six-Star Service can handle any request: V-MODA.com/contact
  12. DaddyMojo
    What a great deal, but I have to tell you that while I am very interested in the ZN, I am not going to trade my other V-Moda gear for it.  I have a couple of M-80's that my daughter and I listen to with a share cord while watching Netflix and I use the M-100 and LP2 for office and travel, respectively.  But I am a big fan and eventually I will get around to buying them to complete my V-Moda collection at full price.
  13. neogeosnk
    Went to site, couldn't find where to request special code.
  14. Evshrug
    Apparently the whole thing is done through Customer Support (you know, the 6* support, immortal life program). You send proof of your broken headphones, they give you half of the value of your broken headphone as store credit towards a new headphone.

    I don't work for V-MODA though, so they have the final say :wink: Mine of course aren't broken, only maintenance I ever had to do on my M-100 was tighten one of the Cliq-Fold hinges.
  15. dcfac73
    Does anyone know if this is a limited time offer? I want to trade in my old LP1, but they're out of stock at the moment, so they're not eligible. Do I need to wait till they get back in stock?
    I also own the m80, xs, and m100, but I want to keep those. I don't give a rats ass about the LP's :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::poop:

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