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San Diego Head-fires?

  1. cotdt
    How many of you are head-fiers who live in San Diego? I think San Diego is a perfect place to listen to headphones. The place is always sunny, so you are happy and can enjoy headphones all the time. That is why I think there are so many head-fires in San Diego, but so few of them are active head-fires, because all they do is listen to their headphones. All. The. Time.
  2. arnoldsoccer4
    San Diego for me, yes the weather is awesome.
  3. cotdt
    Yes I agree. The weather is lovely and it rarely rains, and never snows. I enjoy the weather so much here that when I go back to Los Angeles, I can no longer enjoy my headphones as much. Who else is a San Diego head-fire?
  4. krmathis Contributor
    According to the Members List there are 88 members with Location=San Diego.
    Enjoy! [​IMG]
  5. KYTGuy
    If you limit the current to your phones, the head fires will cease.
  6. DSlayerZX
    well, I just went to the sungod celebration yesterday
    ThirdEyeBlind is not a bad band at all.
    It would have been a great concert if not for a the sweating, pushing, and falling.
    As you have already known, Yes, I live in SD XD
  7. mbriant

    San Diego for me, yes the weather is awesome.

    I couldn't agree more. I dated a woman in San Marcos for several years and used to spend a lot of time in the San Diego area. For someone raised in Canada, spending Christmas/New Years in SD is a real treat.
  8. BrookR1
    I grew up in Vista/Oceanside. I'm in RivCo now, but still consider San Diego home. My favorite used CD shop is in Carlsbad. I like the changes that 91X is making...going back to their roots. Steve West is the best DJ on earth.

    BTW...where are the good audio/CD shops? Seems like I have to drive to the OC to find anything.
  9. jbusuego
    Another headfier here.(San Marcos) BTW anybody planning a meet?[​IMG] or when is the next SOCAL meet.
  10. crazyfrenchman27
    I work on the beach.

    X-ray crystallography is a perfect companion for audiophilia.

  11. I'm in North Park (San Diego).
  12. The_Duke_Of_Eli
    You mean Head-fiers right?
    You may want to change the thread name, unless you're trying to convince us that San Diego residents are hot-headed.
  13. lordkelmain
    I wonder if there are head-fier-fighters....

    - lk
  14. gpalmer
    So is that whole headfires thing something that spread from the brush fires? [​IMG]
  15. Icarium
    If yall moved to a slightly more temperate and not so slightly more awesome Norcal, headfires be goned.

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