Samsung S8 vs HTC U11 with dongle?

  1. vegetaleb
    I have the S8 Exynos for some time now, I picked it over the U11 because of the lack of 3.5mm on the U11, I use in ear earphones like KZ ZS3 which sound pretty good on my S8, not as punchy and loud as the HTC 10 but still more than correct for my taste, I must say I use Dolby Atmos app to improve its sound quality.
    What about the U11 with a dongle (USB to 3.5mm)? How does it drive earphones like KZ ZS3, ATES...?
    Anyone had both smartphones? If yes which one is better for this kind of earphones?
    Can you use audio mods like Dolby Atmos and V4A too to improve the sound?
  2. EirikM
    I have the U11 dongle , work fine with S8+. But the sound is much better from the S8+.

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