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Salt Lake City Meet!

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  1. Povell42
    Any one want to meet up in SLC?
    Gear I can bring:
    • Headphones
      • Audeze LCD-3
      • Audeze Mobius (hopefully arriving soon!)
      • Fostex T50RP
      • Fidelio X2
      • SHP9500
      • AD900x
      • Monoprice Retro
    • DAC/AMPs
      • Modi Multibit
      • Aune X7s
      • Creative X7
      • Fulla2
    If we can get enough gear listed that we all want to hear this could be a lot of fun!
  2. rmsanger
    Interested and subscribed... Not sure I have much additional equipment to add as all I have in in my sig.

    Would like to meet fellow local headfiers and demo some other equipment.
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  3. audiobean
    Interested! Same as rmsanger, equipment in my signature and a carbon on the way. Some other equipment in my about me, if you're interested in them.
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  4. Povell42
    I would love to hear the HD800. I have only heard it at once at CanJam (So. Cal) last year, but I was a bit distracted at that moment and I left without really getting an impression of it.

    Oh, and I just bought the Emotiva Basx A-100 amp. I am very curious about this amp pushing my Fostex T50rp mk3 and my LCD3.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
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  5. audiobean
    Nice, I've only heard good things about the A-100 amp. Would be fun to have a session with different amps to listen to the HD 800 and the LCD3. I wish the audio game had more of a presence closer or on dates I can make it out, canjam must have been great.
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  6. Povell42
    Yeah that would be awesome!
    Canjam was really awesome. I want to go to one again this upcoming year.
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