SA6 vs IE7 vs X10?
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Feb 2, 2009
Hey everyone, decisions decisions.
I can't decide between these 3 new IEMs to buy for a musical taste of mostly metal and bass-heavy drum & bass. I'd like a comfortable fit so they don't fall out. The best fit I've ever gotten was from the bi-flanged CX500 tips. Hard-hitting bass would be great. Fit isn't a huge issue but I'd like it to at least stay in my ears so I'm not expecting any of them to not fit. I used to have the HFI-780 and thought the bass was amazing, then I downgraded to the DT770 and found it not as good or impacting. I'd love it if either one of these had the same effect. So, which IEM out of all these three would best be suited toward me? The Sleek Audio SA6, Senn IE7, or Klipsch X10?
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ive owned the ie7 and x10. i personally like my ie7's A LOT more than the x10's. i sold those off. the microphonics were horrible. they sounded really good tho, excellent bass and somfy, but microphonics was unbearable. the ie7 has really good bass too and still sounds really good. no microphonics at all. one thing i hear thats different in the x10 and the ie7 is that the x10's have a warmer sound to them than the ie7's do. for the SA6, i hear those are more for rock and such. not sure on how much bass theyll have. from what ive read, not much. imo, go for the ie7.

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