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Running Two DAC/Amps Same Time

  1. interweb-tech
    The current desktop system consists of Dell laptop USB out > Schiit Wyr > Audio-gd R2R-11
    I also have JBL 305s connected to the pre-out.

    I want to add a Jotunheim w/ multibit to the mix. Other than manually swapping the USB between the amp's digital inputs and setting Windows audio to use that particular device (driver), is there a way to get signal to both of them at the same time?
  2. dwinnert
    I'd just use a USB hub and switch the Audio device in Windows.
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  3. twitch133
    There is supposed to be a way, using the "Stereo mix" as an input device in windows... I have not been able to get it to work though. There is also a third party program called "audio router". I have not tried that one yet.

    It is a limitation of windows, that it can only output to one device at a time.
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  4. mtmercer
    A few options I've tried. It would help to know what source (files/streaming/DAW) you want to use it with.

    1a) If you are just playing local files. You can use J River Media Center 24 and set up multiple outputs via its zone function. Both DACs would be connected via to the laptop independently via individual USB cables.
    1b) If you are streaming from Tidal or this also applies to any other application really, you can turn on the "WDM" driver to create an audio input into JRiver, then set up the output zones to both DAC in J River. The catch with this is you have to turn off Windows driver verification which was too much of a PITA for me.

    2) If you are playing local files or streaming Tidal, you can use the output zones feature in Roon to output to multiple DACs.
  5. interweb-tech
    My main source is Foobar2K connected to network unRaid server music share. I fiddled with the "input" and non-exclusive access settings last night and was able to get simultaneous out from Windows and the R2R. Jotty arrives today so will be trying out the options listed.

    One other question, any recommendations for an "audiophile-grade" USB hub? Depending on how the Jot USB driver situation (it's unclear if it's needed; def needed for R2R) works out, I may go that route.

    Thanks, everyone for your input.
  6. interweb-tech
    Tried it with two el cheapo powered hubs I have and neither worked. The PC was not able to recognize either dac/amp through the hub. I even took the Wryd out of the path no change.
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
  7. interweb-tech
    Took another stab at it today and got it working. PIA to switch it in Windows & Foobar every time but at least I can. Thanks everyone for the tips.
  8. headpfizer
    I'm pretty sure you can create a custom hotkey in foobar to change audio output. ifi USB3 is an audiophile hub, with an audiophile price too.
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