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Let's talk about our running shoes! (note: why has no one made a running shoe fi thread yet?)

Over the past couple years of running I haven't really put too much
consideration into my running shoes. I have used various crappy cross trainers, and I've gone through a pair of Nike Air Spiridons. The right air bladder in my nike blew out so I decided to get new shoes since the pseudo broken squeeky ball noise (dog owners know this sound well) was driving me crazy while running.

So feeling like a bit of change, I decided to get these:


edit: they're the vibram five fingers sprint

I was afraid they were all hype but holy crap they're awesome. Running with these is the most tactile and free running experience I've ever had. It really shoes how lazy you get running with other shoes. Even after running two or three days I noticed my feet were in better shape and my posture was better. I've been slowly working up my foot strength and endurance for my 3 mile loop but it's still not all the way there yet.

Any other runners out there? Post your shoes and/or experiences!
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i just use asics, i need new ones.

i only run really after lifting - i use classic chuck's for lifting - flatter the sole the better when it comes to powerlifting.
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i use asics right now for running and walking. I need to get some chucks myself. I used to use the old school new balance shoes because they were so flat, but now the soles are wearing down in weird places.
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woah, those are odd looking running shoes - but whatever works for you
. my words of wisdom with regards to running (or walking) is to find a local store that will record you running and fit the right type of shoe to the way you are built. i had no idea what pronation (foot rolls in) or supponation (foot rolls out) was until i learned about it while painfully watching my feet buckle inward while running. new Brooks shoes built for pronators and all of my knee pain went away.

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I was going to try something similar to barefoot style running with the nike frees but they were too narrow for my feet. I might take a look at these and see if there's any opinions of these for people with wide feet.
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I have some Asics Gel-1110s that haven't seen much use. Geez, I need to get back into running...
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Originally Posted by GordonFreeman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What are they?

vibram five fingers. I said that in an earlier post that wasn't OP but i just edited OP to clarify.
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Nothing quite as sexy as a pic of used running shoes. I'll spare the world the sight of mine, which are Nike Shox TL III's. I had to try them, and they don't disappoint where durability is concerned. However, the ride isn't there, and one better have strong ankles (as most serious runners do) to cope with the height and minimum stability; definitely not a shoe for over-pronators I'll pick up something else soon.
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What are you all running from?

Seriously, I would love to try the Asics Gel-Kayano.
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Wow that article was a great read. I can really relate to how shoes feels all wrong now that I bought the Vibrams. I already want a second pair just for walking and everyday while I have a pair for running.

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