Roon vs Amarra vs Audirvana on Mac?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by aldinho878, May 10, 2018.
  1. aldinho878
    Was wondering which of the 3 is better for Mac specifically for Tidal streaming? They all seem to have similar selling points of improving audio and providing smooth integration with Tidal, has anyone found one better than the other?
  2. colonelkernel8
    Audirvana. Hands down. Amarra is a mess, Roon is too expensive for just this application.

    Audirvana has the most developed, cleanest interface with the most back-end stability that I've seen so far. The Tidal integration is smooth and great, and that Tidal integration carries over to the remote app seamlessly.

    So if you're talking one computer, one output, Audirvana. If you plan on having a bunch of Roon-compatible streaming devices or multiple computers that you want to share a library across, Roon is probably a good idea.
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  3. iamoneagain
    I’m a fan of roon. I had older version of Amarra and it sounded great but had too many bugs. It seems that’s still the case with their latest software. I then moved onto Audiivana and really liked it but always seems a little bright in my system no matter the setting. I then found HQPlayer and it sounded amazing but terrible interface and didn’t work with ALAC files. That’s where roon came in. It could play ALAC files and Tidal thru HQPlayer. Now had best interface and best sound.

    Roon just added MQA support so I can unfold MQA files and then have HQPlayer upsample. Roon also has its only upsampler that sounds pretty good.

    I’ve also expanded to use an old iPhone and iMac to send music throughout the house. Can play music on my headphone setup while my wife plays different music at same time in living room. Can also combine areas to play same music in more than one spot.

    Mobile support should be coming soon so can play your roon library on the go and if hook lighting camera connector and a dac to iPhone would be able to output MQA or upsample sound. Probably similar setup for android phones. Can do this currently at home but I haven’t tried.

    But as previous person stated if just going to use one computer, Audivana is best choice. It also does MQA and upsampling.
  4. Nick 214
    I'm in agreement with the Audirvana crowd... Just check out this clean interface:
    Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 1.43.55 AM.png
    Sounds perfect, and it is so much smoother in operation compared to the Tidal app.
  5. vo_obgyn
    I like how I am able to use my Sonore microRendu and the Audeze Reveal plug-in with Audirvana 3.2.7. My Audeze iSine 20's and LCD-X's sound great with Audirvana and the Reveal plug-in.

    My Amarra 4 Luxe (Version 4.2.420-182) is fairly stable (for the most part) and sounds quite good, IMHO. There are built-in EQ presets for some headphones.

    The GUI of Roon 1.5 (build 323) is excellent and it sounds really good, DSP (digital sound processing) on or off. There are also built-in DSP presets for the whole Audeze headphone line-up. Their built-in database of audio devices is outstanding.
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  6. Ricardo Daza
    Hi, so which one do you like better? Can you hear any difference in sound quality between the 3 players? Thanks!
  7. jrflanne
    Tried Roon and couldn’t get it set up right. I’ve used Audirvana for years.

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