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Roll call: Indians staying in India, interested in high end headphones/IEMS

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  1. bhanja_trinanjan Contributor
    I often wonder whether there are Indians, staying in India, who are into high end headphones. So, if you have a passion for high-end headphones (portable/non-portable) and live in India, post here!
    State what stuff you listen to and also share the details of your listening gear.
  2. dippyboy_87
    Hey i'm from india too........... kolkata infact.
    Man its so sad of us that most of the "head-fi" headphones and components are yet to be available in our country..
    What we get to see here is some bose sonodyne infinity and so so....... maybe some shures if u are in luck..
    I'm dying to see these high-end headphones here really.
    I guess u got ur 701 while u were in a vacation right?
    Here i've to keep myself content with my bose can (QC2) which i could only avail here.
    Btw i've bought the IE8 from UK which is yet to arrive here..
    Hoping for a 650/600 soon..
  3. Superfrag
    Me from mumbai.
    There are other Indian forums like Erodov which have users using high-end stuff, and have dealers who can source stuff from the US which is not available in India.
    I personally have the AD700 which are relatively old, and just got an Audio GD Compass DAC 1 month back! Looking at getting either the DT990 600 om version or hd600/650 later when im in the US..
  4. gurubhai
    I live in delhi.
    see my gear in my sig.
  5. bhanja_trinanjan Contributor
    Anybody in India bought a HD800?
  6. sanke1
    Hii I am Indian living in London.

    I have K702, Hd650 and IE8

    All these phones rock !!!!

    On my last visit to Mumbai, I let some of my mates listen to HD650 and they were blown away by their sound quality. Wonder what would happen to them if they would have heard K702.

    One of my friends said those headphones looked like nuclear bombs !!! hahaha
    Sadly none of the headphones are available even in expensive malls like Phoenix Mills or Inorbit. When we talk about audiophile headphones, most people think about Bose or Sony. [​IMG]
  7. shaizada
    Indian here as well but living in California. I normally visit Delhi once a year, but couldn't go this time around.

    I might pick up the HD800 and if I do, I'll bring it along to Delhi if anyone cares for a listen. It's just that since I've gotten a dedicated room for a speaker rig, my headphone setup just doesn't get that much use anymore...otherwise, I would have gotten the HD800 at launch.
  8. shubhangam
    I'm from Kolkata myself, studying in NIT Calicut, Kerala atm though

    I've got Phonak PFE's and that's about it on the higher end side (iv listened to bose, i remember the days that was "omg bose awesome sound".. now its like I make people listen to the PFEs are they are like WOW..)
  9. AmanGeorge Contributor
    I'm in the US but my dad lives in Kerala. He's in the audio business, but as a speaker manufacturer. One of his good friends there is a headphone enthusiast (but not on Head-Fi) that I've sent a pair of K702 and W1000s to.
  10. tjohnusa
    Sounds like a great buisness oppritunity....I am an indian...american that is.
  11. brendon
    Hmm I am late to the party.

    I am from Mumbai India. I have a HD 650 as my main headphone. I actually bought it for my dad but he found it too heavy so I decided to use them [​IMG]

    For portable I have an Amp3 Pro2 with a Head-direct RE1 connected to a Meier Corda Porta III. Unfortunately people give me strange looks seeing the huge amp in my pocket. [​IMG]

    Wish I had the funds for an HD800 !
  12. kunalraiker
    I'am an Indian living in Down Under.

    Most importantly I'am from GOA - the heaven of trance.

    Do you guys know who is performing this weekend

    The World Best DJ - third year in a row

    This is a State of Trance - ASOT

    Armin Van Buuren baby.

    Man I would kill to see him perform, the sad thing is my brother isn't going for the show.
  13. Faheem
    ^ Hey,another trance fanatic here from Mumbai !! Wanted to be there at Sunburn party to see one of my fav. artists perform..Yes !! AvB [​IMG] Sadly I can't make it ..

    Anyways Hi to all Indian head-fiers ..If there are any guys living in Mumbai or nearby,we should plan a meet.Right now,I know Brendon and meet him quite often .[​IMG]
  14. gurubhai
    nice to see some life in this thread.
    Welcome to you all.

    Anyone visiting Delhi is welcome at my place.
  15. brendon
    ^^ Hey how about adding your DT880s to your sig ?
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