Rock Band Wii Guitar Syncing Help
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This may not be the best forum to go to for this, but it's the only forum I'm registered on besides ubuntuforums.

So, my friend just got Rock Band for the Wii plus an extra wireless guitar, making two in total. We couldn't both guitars to sync with the little USB dongle at the same time.

Guitar A would sync fine (i.e. one of the four player lights would light up) while Guitar B would keep flashing all four lights. If we then press the reset button (the one where the cable would go on a real guitar) on Guitar A, then Guitar B would sync up and Guitar A would start flashing.

So we know that both guitars work fine, just not at the same time. It really made it seem like the dongle could only handle one guitar. We looked for a second dongle hidden somewhere in the packaging, but nothing came up.

Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe he has a bad dongle? Or do we need two dongles? Dongle dongle.
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I think you need 2 dongles, especially if both work, but not at the same time.

What I had problems with on Wii guitarhero was the lag time between strumming and hitting the notes ahead of time on screen (lag) I think that can be adjusted as well tho.

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