Riverside Appreciation Thread
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Mar 6, 2004
I was turned on to this band from the "non-Opeth" part of the official Opeth forum earlier this year. After listening to them obsessively for the past month, I am curious to know why they have not gained more traction than they have here.

Here are my thoughts on them:

Out of Myself
- One of my favorite albums ever!!!
- The guitar is so expressive and full of sorrow throughout the album. It has some of the most emotional and beautiful playing I have ever heard (eg. The Same River, Loose Heart, Reality Dream II, and especially The Curtain Falls). The only material that I have heard that is as gorgeous is Damnation from Opeth and some Pink Floyd and Virgin Black tracks.
- One of those albums you sit back and forget everything around you
- This is the one album from Riverside that rivals anything written by Porcupine Tree in my opinion.

Second Life Syndrome
- Outstanding album, but a step down from their debut.
- After, Conceiving You, Second Life Syndrome (One of the greatest progressive rock songs ever created!!!), and Before are on par with their debut album's material. Outstanding songs!

Rapid Eye Movement
- Not as solid or consistent as the first two albums.
- Standout tracks are Beyond the Eyelids, and 02 Panic Room. Both are outstanding.

Anno Domini High Definition
- New trilogy and very different musical style (for the same band at least).
- Not as good as the first three albums, but it has great parts.
- Keyboards are very different overall and are more upfront instead of playing the atmosphere role.
- Standout tracks are Egoist Hedonist and Hybrid Times.

So overall, it seems like the band peaked with their debut so far, but that does not really do the band justice I believe. Out of Myself is certainly one of my favorite albums ever, but all the other albums have absolutely brilliant tracks as well.

This band should be more popular, considering the praise that Porcupine Tree is getting around here. They are not the same sound to be sure, but I hold Riverside in the same regards as Porcupine Tree: an absolutely sensational band that any progressive rock fan should listen to.
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Mar 10, 2006
I also discovered them from this forum almost 2 years ago, with the Second Life Syndrome album. Great sounding band with a less is more approach, tasteful guitar playing and singing. I agree with your picks from that album.
Been meaning to check out their first and latest album, thanks for the reminder
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Jan 8, 2008
In my opinion: SLS > OoM > REM > > > ADHD

Everything up to and including Second Life Syndrome is brilliant off that album in my opinion, rest is less consistent, but that's enough to push it over the edge for me. OoM is great, but doesn't quite capture that coherence and awesomeness.

I find very little to like from ADHD other than the fact the acronym perfectly describes what's wrong with the album, it digressed into technical wankery over the subtle atmosphere of their previous albums.
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May 16, 2006
Yeah, Riverside is definitely one of those groups that deserve more attention around these parts. I got into them via a recommendation from last.fm, which by the way their recommendations have been pretty spot on recently (Oceansize, Pineapple Thief, Pure Reason Revolution).

Second Life Syndrome was my starter album with them, and it's still my favorite, but only by a slim margin next to Out of Myself. Your song picks for those two albums are pretty much in line with my favorites as well. I haven't listened to a whole lot of their later stuff, but I'll be sure to get into that eventually. They're a great friggin group and they deserve more props than they get.
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Apr 17, 2008
After a couple of listens to their new album, i bought their first, on vinyl, it's a pretty good press on a single 180gm record and gatefold sleeve, anyone else has it ?

Even at a first listen it really is completely different in style from ADHD, this is all about a dreamy and sorrowful atmosphere, which reminds me of some mellow parts in Opeth songs, with a hint of 70's prog rock.

In their new material heavy guitar and synth leads are more prominent delivering a more modern "metal" sound...a bit of Tool and a bit of Dream Theater.

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