ripping HDCD to ape format?
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I'm going to have to look into it some time to see how exactly the other 4 bits are linked/hidden wherever they are, I'm curious now.

The extra resolution is created in the digital filter. Most digital filters used in CD players work at much higher precision than the 16 bits coming from the CD. The data is usually oversampled 8 times to implement the filter and a fixed filter algorithm applied along with interpolation between samples to create the new data. The output is generally 24 bit words. The HDCD process just uses a variable digital filter that allows the filter parameters to be changed based on the code in the lsb and hence attempt to increase the dynamic range and bandwidth back to what it was before encoding to the CD format. It's based on psychoacoustic studies. But the main thing that I was trying to get across to the original poster is that the data on the HDCD is 16 bit words just like all audio CDs.
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Here's something somewhat related that I found interesting: Once, when I ripped an HDCD disc to WAV for myself, I listened to the WAV for some reason via EAC. It had an almost skippy chopped up sound, as if it was reading all the info on the disc somehow consecutively instead of concurrently.

my EAC does that too when i'm in the CD Layout Editor, and it happens w/ANY file(s) i try to play. i've decided it must be some sort of unresolved bug.

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