Review Tour of Triple Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors FiiO F9 PRO in US market is on Right Now!!

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  1. FiiO USA
    2017秋季发布会-EN 11.01.119.jpeg

    FiiO F9 PRO was released at our launch event about 10 days ago and the review units are getting ready soon. Would you like to test out this Triple Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors and find out what's
    new about it?

    The following functions might help you know more about our brand new F9 PRO. Most importantly, if you are interested in getting your hands on it, don't forget to reply to the thread and take part in the review tour!

    Dynamic (PEK Polymer Nanocomposite Diaphragm)
    2 Balanced Armatures (TWFK-30017-000 Knowles Dual BA drivers TWFK-30017-000)
    Hi-Res Audio Certified + Red & Blue Metal Hoop Decorating the MMCX Connector
    Over-the-ear Design
    L-shaped plug+ Laser-marks+ Metal Hoop
    Come with one 3.5mm single-ended audio cable with in-line control and 2.5mm balanced cable
    Provided with Neoprene Storage Bag & waterproof carrying case & 3 Pairs of Memory Foam / Silicone Ear Tips & 3 pairs of thread ear tips
    6 pairs of silica gel ear tips

    Shipping info:
    Depending on the US area of selected reviewers, FiiO will ship out several FiiO F9 PROs, one or more to reviewers in each region, e.g. CA, VA, New York, so that shipping costs from one reviewer to the next is kept low. FiiO will pay for shipping to the first reviewer and any customs taxes / import duties.

    Preview application period: starting now! And accepting applications until further notice.

    First list of previewers to be announced: to be confirmed.

    Beginning of shipment of review the FiiO F9 PRO: to be confirmed.

    Please apply by replying to this thread and including the following information in your reply:

    -Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess:
    -Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess:
    -Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted:
    -Your geographical region (e.g. the city of US you live in):

    What you can get to post the review of FiiO F9 RPO:
    You will earn 30% off for buying one of FiiO earphone on Amazon. ( The FiiO official Amazon account)

    Review regulations (subject to change before the tour commences):

    •Reviewers should keep the FiiO F9 PRO for at most 10 days before shipping to the next reviewer.
    •Reviewers should ship the F9 PRO to the next reviewer by registered post requiring signature in the padded box provided.
    •Reviewers will not be held responsible for any damage to the F9 RPO sustained during shipping or normal usage.
    •Reviewers should do the preview fairly and objectively, and related product photos are required. (Alternatively, video reviews are welcome)
    •Reviewers need not overstate the advantages of the products.
    •Reviewers should indicate that the review F9 PRO's are free loan units, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
    •Reviewers are prohibited from using or disseminating pirated music on the F9 PRO.
    •Reviewers are reminded to listen responsibly and safely to the F9 PRO, to not use it when operating machinery or driving, and not to drive headphones to excessive volume with the F9 PRO.
    •Reviewers can post the completed preview content to this thread and the FiiO F9 PRO's review page: or you can post the reviews to any other platform, such as reddit ,or Amazon ect.
    •Please also provide FiiO US with the links to your review, for us to come and admire your work.
    •Please contact FiiO in advance if you have any difficulties with the F9 RPO in the course of your preview, so we may help you resolve it if possible.
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  2. zolom
    Was the sound signature of the F9 pro updated from the original F9?
  3. Ynot1
    - Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess: Vivo XE800, KZ ZSE, KZ ES3, Piston 2&3, Vfree, UE4000, Monoprice 8323
    -Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess: Creative G5, Walnut2.1, Benjie X1, Advanced Accessport
    -Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted: Accessport, Q1 MK II
    -Your geographical region (e.g. the city of US you live in): Cook County, IL, USA
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  4. Wiljen
    I'd love to be included on the tour.

    AKG 551
    Beyerdynamics 880pro (250),
    Fostex T50RP mod & TH-X00
    Grado 225
    MixCider MS301
    Sennheiser HD598 & HD650
    Superlux HD660

    AKG N40
    Brainwavz b400
    Denon Urban Raver
    Fiio F9
    KZ Zs5v1 & Zs6
    Magaosi K3HD (waiting on K5 to arrive)
    Mee Audio M6 Pro and Pinnacle P1
    Trinity Audio Icarus III & Phantom Master

    Fiio E07k, E17 & A3
    Millett SSH (19J6)
    Schiit Magni2 & Asgard2
    Topping Nx1
    Xduoo Xd-05
    Walnut F1

    Benjie K9
    Cayin N3
    Crazier R3
    Fiio X1 & X5ii
    Nintaus x10
    Xduoo x3 & x10

    Dell T410 server with Essence STX II card
    Dell M6700 Laptop with Hifimediy 9018 DAC


    I live in Kingsport, TN USA.
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  5. rantng
    Fostex TH-X00
    HiFiMan HE-400i
    Philips X1 & X2
    Massdrop x Fostex T-X0
    Sennheiser Massdrop HD 6xx
    AKG Q701 & K7xx
    Sony MDR-V6
    Sennheiser Momentum & Amperior

    Unique Melody Merlin V2
    Campfire Audio Jupiter
    Campfire Audio Nova
    64 Audio U5
    AAW A3H Pro
    MEE Pinnacle P1
    Massdrop x NuForce EDC
    Logitech UE900s
    Vibro Labs Sera
    Shure SE215
    Kinera H3
    Brainwavz B400
    Fiio F9

    Fiio X5 iii
    Bit Opus #1
    Pioneer XDP-100R
    Fiio X1ii
    Hidizs AP60
    Sansa Clip
    ipod Touch
    Objective O2 DAC/Amp
    Fiio E17, E07k, A3
    Topping NX1S

    No formal reviews, only short impressions on here & Amazon

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
  6. FiiO USA
    Here is the different between F9 and F9 pro content______-EN.jpg
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  7. Wiljen
    So reading that, I am thinking same dynamic as the F9 but the pro substitutes a single Knowles TWFK Dual BA package for the 2 distinct BA drivers used in the original F9. So I am guessing the bass and sub-bass should retain the same signature from the previous model while the mids and treble should be improved. Maybe with less of a spike around 7kHz than what the F9 presented. That would be a welcome thing in my opinion as that spike fit perfectly in a range that made the F9 unusable for me.
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  8. FiiO USA
    Join the review tour here to find the differences between F9 and F9 pro. :)
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  9. Wiljen
    Already did. Looking forward to it.
  10. FiiO USA
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  11. Ynot1
    Hopefully someone will soon post the response graph that will clearly show how much the pro improves from F9. Although most would want to know what that means to their ears.

    I'm surprised with so many people loving F9, that the F9 pro is not getting the recognition. And F9 pro is making an improvement over the F9.

    Edit: It's like a social networking thing, all of the interests are posted on a different thread. It's just this thread is different. I'm pretty sure there is a way to investigate why it is different, but powers that be want to keep this ability to themselves.
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  12. Ynot1
    Between v-tie and other putty or diy bonding agent, do you think a right angle mmcx adapter can be made; so that a cable up earphone such as this can be worn cable down. Cause I saw naked mmcx connectors being sold on ali.
  13. SomeGuyDude
    Audeze LCD-X
    Sennheiser HD650
    VModa M100
    1MORE Quad
    Mee Pinnacle P1
    KZ ZS5
    KZ ZS6

    LG v30
    Chord Mojo
    Audeze Deckard

    I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. No posted reviews sadly.
  14. Ynot1
    So far a lot of enthusiasm for the F9 pro bass but only concerns about the treble being same or different than F9. It is really not possible to be certain with only a couple of people so far getting theirs in the international market.
  15. SomeGuyDude
    Shouldn't the treble be precisely what IS changed, since it's different BAs for the Pro?
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