REVIEW: STAX SRS-3030 Classic System II
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Jul 21, 2003
my question is how can I quote someone and quote their name too?


On the front of the SRM-313, there are two headphone outputs, one "Pro" output for newer earspeakers with 5 pins contact, one "Normal" output for older earspeakers with 6 pins contact. While you can plug a new earspeaker model into the 6 pin contact and get sound from it, you are strongly adviced not to do so, as you'll get low volume and distorted sound (as well as a chance of damaging your whole system!).

I would like to comment on this.

I was reading the manual of my Stax Lambda Pros and they say that you can plug the Pros in the normal plug but you will get lower volume and more mellow mids and highs or something. So its like telling you that you may try it to see if you like it sometimes. Nowhere does it say that it may damage the system or that it is not recommended.

I dont know what happens with the newer 3030 system though I dont think there is much difference?

I tried doing that myself and I didnt get any distortion.

I was wondering if its really bad to change the plugs while the amp is on. I did NOT try it. I am just wondering.

I got some sparks when I changed plug even when the amp was off...

Also another thing Id like to mention is that when I turn off my amp the volume goes to 0 after half a second. Not like 4 seconds like the newer amp.

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