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Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by lff, Aug 8, 2011.
  1. LFF


    ·         Dimensions: 68.5 mm (L) x 68.5 mm (W) x 42mm (H)
    ·         Speaker: 40mm
    ·         Input: L / R 360mV
    ·         Power output: 3W
    ·         S / N: ≥ 80dB
    ·         AMP Freq Range: 180Hz-16KHz
    ·         For charging voltage: 5V ± 0.5V
    ·         Cable: 3.5mm audio embedded
    I usually hate surprises. I like to have things planned out and I usually know what to expect out of most situations. Every once in a while (rarely) I have what most people call “a pleasant surprise”. The pleasant surprise for me is a very rare occasion but one which I actually cherish.
    Today, I was pleasantly surprised by the Spider Pocket Speaker E500. I attended an audiophile meet and decided to buy some raffle tickets to support the event. I usually buy them only for this purpose as I never win. This time though, I won a small prize. Not only did I win a small prize, but the win was directly proceeded by mocking and sneer comments about the prize I won…the Spider Pocket Speaker E500. Everyone commented that it looked like an alien toy and that you can’t really expect much from a portable speaker as they suck and are lacking in audio fidelity. In general I agree.
    After being mocked I was urged to plug it in to try it out to see how bad it sounded. I really wasn’t expecting much as I have never heard a portable speaker that I liked….until today. To everybody’s amazement, not only did the speaker NOT sound bad…it sounded FANTASTIC. There was bass, clear mids and good highs. The bass was tight, deep and tactile. This small speaker truly has no right to sound this great being this small and at such a low price. The MSRP for this tiny marvel of sound…only $39.99USD!!!
    So what do you get for two $20 dollar bills aside from the amazing sound? Well, the Spider E500 has an internal battery that is good for up to eight (YES…8!) hours of playback from a two hour charge. The Spider E500 can be charged with the included USB cable which can be attached to any USB port on a laptop or main computer system. You can also get audio from a laptop using the USB port. The Spider E500 weighs in at a paltry 96g, which makes it very portable and pocketable. A neat addition is the button design. Those silver accents on the bottom of the speaker are actually buttons that you use to turn it on/off and to control the volume! Another awesome addition is that the Spider E500 portable speaker has a telescoping speaker design. This allows it to remain small and portable when not in use. It also comes with a neat little pouch where you can store it when not in use.
    If you are tired of reading, skip ahead to the conclusion. If you want more details...read on...
    As many of you know, I have many preferred tracks that I use for demo material. Once again I reached for many a favorite track to see exactly what this thing could do.
    I put on "Graceland" by Paul Simon and was actually shocked to hear the drum hits at the beginning of the track. This thing is supposedly only able to go down to 180Hz but it sure didn't sound like it. The impacts were tight, deep and clear. Cycling through the album it became rather clear that the strong point of the Spider Portable Speaker E500 is the mid-range. Vocals sounded very lifelike, especially for being a single speaker this size.
    I proceeded to cue up a favorite song called "Sixteen Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford. This was the point when my jaw hit the floor. Now, I have heard this song played on high-end, multi-thousand dollar mastering systems and it is always a nice listen. However, what really impresses once again, is the size and fidelity of this tiny speaker. Ford's bass-baritone range is clear and precise throughout the entire song. The bass and other instruments sound very nice as well.
    Inspired by this oldie but goodie, I fired up The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Once again, the Spider E500 came through as an impressive tiny speaker. The complex vocal harmonies were loud and clear and I heard no hint of distortion or break-up during the more complicated parts. It became very clear to me after this album that the Spider E500 shines with mono material....it should...it's only one speaker....but how about some more stereo material?
    I proceeded to play "Land of Confusion" by Genesis. There is a nice synth beat on the left speaker during the songs chorus and it can sometimes sound buried within the mix. This was not the case with the Spider E500. It sounded clear, loud and punchy. Phil Collins sounded very natural and dynamic. Another problem you run into with mono speakers is comb filtering or phase problems. Track after track the Spider E500 demonstrated no such problems. If the Spider E500 sounded bad it was because the actual track being played sounded bad (Californication anyone?) and the better the track was mastered, the better it sounded on the Spider Pocket Speaker E500.
    To me it is obvious that the Spider E500 was engineered to provide the best portable sound from a single speaker which is small and pocketable. I also wouldn’t hesitate to use the Spider E500 as a laptop speaker. I can see many future owners using this speaker at home, social outings and even using it as an office system because it is perfect for providing rich sound in small space like an office or waiting room. If you value good sound, this is a speaker you can cherish. I have heard portable speakers that cost many times more than the Spider E500 that cannot provide the fidelity that this tiny thing can.
    If you read the above, it’s obvious that I love this little thing. Considering its size, it produces amazing sound. Considering its price, it’s an amazing bargain. Amazing sound at an amazing bargain is something you seldom find in any area of life, much less audio. Now...keep in mind that you have to be realistic with such products and know you will not be able to master anything on this speaker. This will not be a substitute for great headphones and it will not be a full range high fidelity system. What it will be is an amazing sounding portable boombox that you can use at the office, park or yes, even the restroom.
    I strongly urge anyone who is looking for a portable speaker system to look into the Spider E500 as I know you can’t find anything close to this quality even remotely close to this price. This is truly an ultra portable boombox that will knock your socks off and make you wonder how a company can squeeze such sound quality from such a tiny speaker. It truly boggles the mind! However, instead of thinking about how this thing works, I’d rather listen to the great sound it puts out. I know I won’t be bored at my next family picnic wishing I had a good speaker rig. I can only hope that this company eventually releases a stereo version. That would just be icing on the cake!
  2. Paganini Alfredo
    Your post inspired me to a purchase...

    I've been wanting a small speaker setup for some time, hope it fills the bill!
  3. LFF


    I hope it fits what you had in mind. It's a terrific little speaker.
  4. kchapdaily
    i want one![​IMG]
  5. nfinite
    very interesting... can't wait to actually listen to the sound of this tiny speaker...
  6. Paganini Alfredo
    This thing is pretty nifty... and an awesome companion piece with my iPad. Perfect for watching movies.

  7. LFF

    Completely agree. It's an awesome little speaker.
  8. Ronald Lee
    by any chance had you make a comparison with the x-mini?
  9. LFF


    No...but the two do look very similar. I'll see what I can do....
  10. lextek Contributor
    Might be a great match for an iPad? Thanks for posting.
  11. Audio Addict Contributor
    Nice write up.  I especially like the opening with your expectation.  If I can figure out a way to send a facebook message to spiker cable, I may get to listen to one.
  12. definistrated29
    Just got one of these in the giveaway, and it is one awesome little speaker. I've had a few other portable speakers; granted they were both under $30, but this speaker blows them away. It gets much louder while still sounding good, and the bass is pretty good for a tiny speaker. It is pretty easily driven by my ipod touch (75-80%) to fill my room with sound. I also plugged it in through my icon mobile, put a little more oomph into it, and it still sounded nice. The built in rechargeable battery is probably my favorite part (no more getting new batteries). The only things I could maybe find wrong with it, I would like a little thicker cable, and while watching a movie my girlfriend noticed that during one section of the movie something that gets said in the background didn't play through the speaker. I would've never noticed it, since it's not vital to the movie, but my girlfriend watches this movie alot. This might be because its just one speaker, but I don't know. Either way, this is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Spider
  13. anadin
    It got a very poor review here.  http://peripherals.about.com/od/speakersandheadphones/fr/Spider-Pocket-Speaker-E500-Review.htm
  14. LFF


    Mentions distortion....hmmmmm...what was she listening to? Californication? Death Magnetic? Modern compressed crap?
    Bad review IMHO....
  15. mattmoney107
    I also recieved one of these recently in the spidercable giveaway. The speaker was smaller than i had anticipated and at first i was not sure what to expect. I immediately plugged it into my computer to charge upon arrival, which did not take very long. The first time i used the speaker i was in a room with a couple of my friends; I turned the volume up all the way and i have to say that everyone in the room was taken back, by not only the power of the speaker, but also the clarity of the music at the loud volume. The bass of this speaker is perfect for me. It is not overwhelming and does not take away from the rest of the music but it is definitely there. I listen to a lot of hip hop so i definitely enjoy hearing some solid bass. I got to say im in love with this speaker. A lot of people have offered to buy it off of me but i cant give it up. Thanks spider this speaker is awesome.

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