Review of Sony MDR-ED12LP
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May 25, 2013
So I'm here with the review of the ED12LP earphones by Sony. I actually bought this on March 2011 but never thought about posting a review about it. Its been 2 years since I'd been using this (and this only). The playback devices i use are:
  1. Sony Walkman NWZ-B162F
  2. LG GW300 mobile phone
  3. Nokia 5320 mobile phone
Obviously, the sony walkman is the best partner for this earphones. But that doesnt mean the other 2 are bad, but still, the maximum output has been observed with the walkman. Now, before you criticize me for using a Nokia phone for music testing, let me tell you something. Nokia's s60 phones are kinda good for music, unlike their s40 phones, which are total crap in terms of music performance. And about the LG phone, its way too better than the Nokia I have, believe me!
Okay, so getting on with the earphones, the first thing i gotta mention is its durability. I saw many complaints online that it stopped working within a short time of less than about 4 months, but the one i own is too damn good considering its durability. It has been through the worst conditions. One time, it got stuck somewhere near the stairway while i was getting off a bus and i was literally pulled back by the cord. I really thought that its reign is over but this son of a b*tch still worked perfectly! I fall asleep most of the time with these on and, well, i dont really have to explain the condition it would possibly be in, when i wake up.
So, durability, a whopping 9/10.
Now, with the sound and other stuff. I'm not a big audiophile, but music, is kinda like my thing. Plus, i'm a "beat freak". I'm not interested in just plain bass and stuff, like we hear in most rap songs. I want "beats" that kinda like ranges in the entire audible frequency. This pair of earphones serves great for that purpose. Of course, its nothing compared to listening through big speakers and feeling like someone's hitting you on your chest during each beat!
The highs are a little bit low, but i would say its really balanced with the mid and low frequencies. Mids are good. But the main focus is on the low frequencies here. Its just too good.
The volume is real high while using the walkman, that you can just blend inside, into the music!
For sound quality, i'd give a 8/10.
Coming to the comfort section, this was where i found it a bit disappointing. I think its because of my "ear design" because the online reviews say its really comfortable. Anyways, so i tried almost all possible ways to place it on my ear, and one day i came up with a position so great that its not only comfortable to me, but also, it sounded better than in the native position. I just swapped the left and right earphones and placed it upside-down on my ears. Check the image in this link to get an idea.
i.e., the left end is on my right ear and the right one is on my left. I suggest everyone who own this set to try that position. And, if you wear spectacles (like me), then its an advantage because you can tuck the wire behind your ear using the legs of spectacles. Without that, you may find it difficult to keep the wire in position.
So for comfort, if i hadn't found out this position, i'd give it a 5/10, but since its comfortable to me in this position, i'll give it 8/10.
Anyways, I think thats it. Oh and BTW, try to keep the level of frequencies around 300Hz a little low in your eq. Just a suggestion.
Note to users who just bought it and feel disappointed : Don't be! I was in the same situation when i bought it. It just didnt sound right at first. But after a few days or weeks, it started sounding better. And now, after 2 years, its just way awesome! Some people say earphones are meant to behave like that; some say its just a "mental change", meaning, you just get mentally attached to it with passing time. To me, i dont care if its a mental or an actual change. I just want my earphones to sound great and this one here, does!

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