Review: New Budget Sony On Ear MDRZX660APB: Impressive Sound & Simple Classy Design
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Feb 14, 2015
I was at the mall today and as usual when I have time I like to go audition whatever new headphones I see that are available to do so. I came across a new Sony priced around $80 Canadian that caught my ear & eye. The MDRZX660APB. I immediately liked it's cool grey colour and straight forward handsome design. 

I listened to everything I could today from any brand that was out on display, and this stood out as something that would be good for those who are budget conscious, want a straight forward classy design, no nonsense headphone, with good all around sound. 
Listening source: Straight out my phone, baby! 320 kbps MP3s & iTunes M4As. No need for amp at all with these.
I was impressed with it's ability to have a bass response and punch that was suitable for genres such as Hip Hop, but also maintaining good mids and highs for other genres.  The overall sound signature tends to be on the warm non-fatiquing side. Many headphones in this price range tend to have an overly pronounced bass and a sound signature that sounds like you're listening to a speaker hidden inside a pillow, or the opposite, anemic sounding with too much midrange. This headphone fits neither of those categories, and should be a good all rounder for those looking for an everyday on the go headphone and want to hear their music relatively clear and with good punch.
It comes with a non detachable flat tangle free cord with a mic and single button remote that worked fine with my iPhone. The ear pads are soft, plush, comfortable, and are made out of a better more durable looking synthetic leather than most budget Sony headphones. These pads aren't that cheap sprayed on pleather mess that disintegrates in a few months. They feel similar to the pads that are on Beats. 
Speaking of Beats as you can see in the picture there are some design elements such as the headband which is a slight nod to the Beats aesthetic, but the matte finish and subdued classy colouring does not give the sense that this is a fashion headphone or merely a style accessory when you see these in person. They do look much better in person by the way.
The headphones are lightweight, clamp is average. Overall comfort is better than most if not all Sonys in this price range. 
Another thing I liked about these is that they really didn't have the creaking plastic sound that many budget Sony headphones do. If you shake the headphone they don't have much of that plastic click clacking sound that Beats do. Overall construction seemed very good for the price.
All in all I'm kind of chaffed that headphones of this quality are coming out at such a great price point. When listening to these I felt that whatever could be better sound wise in headphones 2 or 3 times the cost is easily mitigated by the low price point of these Sonys. I found nothing offensive about the sound or anything to do with this set whatsoever.
If you are in the market for an inexpensive beater, are strapped for cash, need something in a bind you can pick up easily at a local Wal-Mart or Best Buy, give these a look, listen, and serious consideration.
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I went and purchased these headphones a few weeks ago when I was able to find them on sale for $68 at Wal-Mart. I would have just let my initial impressions stand, but after actually owning them I get a much different impression than I did when listening in store.
After more listening, I'm finding that these headphones are pretty much Beats By Dre on a budget. That really is the best way to describe them succinctly and give you the right picture of what these are.
They have very powerful bass. The bass is definitely the most dominant and prominent aspect of their sound.
Mids and highs are very recessed. It's a very warm non-fatiguing sounding headphone overall. Anyone looking for detail in their music need to stay away. Not much detail here at all.
What these headphones succeed at is giving a VERY fun and powerful sound. They work great straight out of a portable device and they go very loud.
As far as comfort is concerned they are on ear and will make your ears ache after a half hour to an hour. They have about the same comfort as Beats on ear models.
I find the headband material kind of slippery. I've never had headphones that actually slip around your head if you move your head, but these do. It's not too bad as they never actually slipped right off my head or anything like that.
Just to sum up, if you are on a tight budget and really want Beats By Dre headphones and can't quite afford them, just get these. They pretty much give you the same experience for 1/3 to 1/4 the cost. I'm really enjoying them and glad I didn't spend the money on Beats.
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I'd like to apologize to anyone who read the initial in-store review and went to purchase or at least have a listen to these based on my impressions and found something different than what I initially outlined in my impressions. I will only take my time to review a pair of headphones that I actually have been able to take home and give a real listen to from now on, as I don't like going back on my words and giving faulty impressions. 


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