[Review] InEar Stage Diver 3 - An experience
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Please can I have a link or directions to the chart shown in thread [Review] InEar Stage Diver 3 - An experience - Page 49 Post 729.
Many thanks
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  can I have a link or directions to the chart

Do you mean this?

It's a Triple.Fi 10 hooked to a AK100. I'm sure the UE reacts worse than SD3, but still this should tell you to avoid the AK100 if you're using multi-drivers.

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Many thanks-interested because I'm using AK100 with SD3 and find using Pico Slim improving sound. Searching for more vocabulary to articulate 'improving'. Cheers.
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Finally the Stage diver series is starting to spread to more ears. Joker has added both to his list, the SD2 and SD3 and ranks them highly. I do not have that much experience with iem`s but enough to know the SD3 is in a different league to the W4 in terms of quantityimpact and soundstage. I classed the SD3 more of an over ear rather than an iem in my findings/review.. My pair really have a wow factor now, zero sibilance and cannot make them distort. Serious performers.
The Ortofon tips are a revelation too. They help in exposing the whole sound spectrum with their open design/exit compared to the stock small outlet tips. Another advantage of these tips that I have found is that there seems to be less pressure created in your ear. 
Listening last night after a fews days off and straight out of an Ipod they sounded excellent but showed they do really need amping. As my FiiO Alpen had run out of juice I had no option to listen straight out but the SD3 clearly benefits from a good amp/lod, they need a kick up the a*s*.
Bottom line - glad they are getting some exposure now, they more than deserve it.
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  Any comments on burn in period?

The human ear is not a machine, meaning heard tones and loudness are not absolute. The human brain always compares in relation.
Even IF there is something like burn-in, the likelihood of not noticing it is extremely high, due to your brain adjusting and masking smallest details. This procedure will most likely happen every time but becomes smaller the more often your expectancy becomes closer to what you will perceive. This is HIGHLY subjective and can be anywhere from one second to hundred years. YMMV
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  Any comments on burn in period?

 I agree with Ultrazino`s post above which is mostly brain burn but I also believe that any electronic signal needs "bedding in" but there is not very much to back that up and certainly do not want to get into a debate!
I am more a believer of synergy, especially where portable devices are concerned i.e Ipod/LOD/AMP. This makes sense as the signal is being diverted through another circuit in the loop. With hifi this is source direct where you bypass the amp circuit but unless your portable amp has bypass circuit (bass boosts etc would not work) then you are modding the signal to a point.
Anyway... I would seriously advise an audition of either of these (only SD3 I have) and not only that try and get to listen to the SD3 amped too so you can A/B.
Happy new year.
Edit: Posting again the Ortofon? tip for reference.

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Think this image is a good representation.
Cartridge - (Ortofon 2M red but now a 2M blue)
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What's your experience with the sd3 on a fiio x3, ibasso dx-50? I am waiting for the arrival of my fiio x5 and I hope it's the perfect match. The fiio x3 seems to sound too dark, combined with the sd3 it's a no-go imho. Excited for the 10-band graphic eq to tweak the 100-250 area(3-5dB, nothing spectacular) and maybe a little boost in the treble... Personal preference. :wink:
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I imagine without stating the obvious that bass would be the biggest difference due to the single driver not producing as much grunt compared to the 2 and 3 driver.
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Hey guys...
Firstly, I asked InEar about the SD4. They said they haven't planned any SD4 yet...
Secondly, any alternatives to the SD3? I'm thinking of getting one but waiting for 9 months( I'm a student and that's how long I have to save for to pay for the SD3 ) sounds a bit too long for me... I demoed the SD3 and my mind was blown... would anything else (cheaper) be able to deliver SD3 type sound?

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