Review: Audio Technica CM5 earbuds
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Jan 19, 2004
Welcome back blackreplica,
It's rare to find a full review on cm5. Good to follow up after burn-in. I'm thinkin bout gettin these for x-mas gifts to friends...Do u think they'll make good x-mas presents to ipod holders???
How much did bass improve in impact, tightness, response??? Is it fast, tight and deep enough???from initial impression.
Good luck on E2c! If you want to save some bucks, you can look for E2, not E2c. I believe there was a thread on the difference between E2 and E2c this week.
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Apr 14, 2004
Thanks very much! Its nice to be back!

The difference is pretty big. In terms of tightness, impact and clarity, the phones improved a lot once it was fully run in. Its the best i've heard on a pair of phones to date(but thats not saying much from my limited experience). I do believe its possible to get a better result from more expensive phones but at this price point, i seriously doubt you could do any better unless you were willing to double your budget, and i think thats the main selling point for the ATs

I personally think it would probably work very well with the ipod(i.e. unamped) since i primarily use it unamped and love it. I do have a DIYed CMOY amp(cant fix some latent hiss but otherwise works great) and noticed an even greater improvement in the bass department when running amped. When amped though, the difference between the AT and the Phillips phones became even greater.The AT should definitely work well amped/unamped.

The only big issue is with the burn in time, but the result is well worth it! Tell your friends to use it for a couple of months before making any firm judgements on the sound would be my adivce

Thanks for the e2c advice. I managed to get idealsound to pricematch the e2cs so that it comes up to 85 dollars with free shipping to australia. I'm not in the US so the shipping concession makes a big difference to me and given such a good price with shipping included, and the fact that its coming from a head-fi sponsor, i will probably be getting it off idealsound within the next couple of days
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Sep 19, 2004
every ear is different, thus the fit... a fraction of a mm can mean comfort or discomfort.

I find the cm-5 pretty comfortable. I would rate its size as large. If I shake my head violently, my money is on my sony ex71 for staying in my ears if that is worth anything... (the cm 5 is heavier, bulkier, rest on the ear like all ear buds do and the stem of the ear bud sticks out etc)

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