Review: 1MORE 1M301 Single Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote
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Review: 1MORE 1M301 Single Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote


I was introduced to the 1MORE Single Driver – through a contact from 1MORE who had them in their stable, and wanted to know my thoughts of the in-ear monitor (IEM).  Thanks to the contact for the Single Driver in exchange for my honest opinion.  A quick background of me is of a person who loves music and likes to listen to as many IEMs as possible, from all available price-points.  I have listened to IEMs as costly as free (given to me to listen while I was on a tour bus, up to $2,699 for a standalone IEM and $2,999.99 electrostatic IEM that required the use of an included Digital-to-Analog Converter/Amplifier (DAC/Amp) for it to function).  Will the earphone from the sister company Xiaomi - accomplish true bliss?  Let’s find out!
1MORE 1M301 Single Driver In-Ear Headphones with In-line Microphone and Remote
iPhone 6 (Space Gray, 128GB):  $849.99 or $399.99 with a 2-Year Contract
Surface Pro 2 64GB: $899.99
Questyle Audio QP1R Golden and Space Gray: $899 USD
Grace Design x Massdrop m9XX DAC/Amp: $499 shipped in the United States
Software Applications Used
Neutron Music Player – 320kbps

Spotify Premium – Extreme Setting

TIDAL HiFi – Lossless

Inside the 1MORE 1M301 Single Driver box
The 1MORE Single Driver package is pretty utilitarian, meaning there is everything you need, and nothing you don’t.  The package contains:
A cardboard, embossed box that is holding a see-thru, plastic container that holds the rubberized case that holds the Single Driver earphones in place.  Inside the Single Driver container is also a manual and three sized universal tips on the other side of the Single Driver earphones (X [Extra Small], S [Small], and L [Large] – the Medium tips are on the Single Driver earphones).
Pictures galore
Beauty, shining through
One aspect about this 1MORE earphone (and the entire lineup) is that they designed the earphone from the ground up, and I can definitely see it.  There are intricacies that add up that make the entire experience just a little more special – we will get to that in a moment.  Once you take a look through the container at the Single Driver , you may not think too much of it since the presentation is not nearly as exquisite as its older siblings, but looks can be deceiving.  The brushed look of the Single Driver is really all that can be seen from the front, but once you open the container and take it out of its case, you can really appreciate the details that have been taken into consideration and fruition.
The details make it worthwhile
The design of the Single Driver is quite elegant, especially for the price point of the earphones.  There are a few aspects of the design that I have not really seen in an IEM, as a whole – meaning the bespoke design of the earphones are true-to-form.  Some features that I have observed:
Comfortable fitting silicone universal tips.  Most companies provide 3 sizes of tips – the Single Driver comes with 4 – the inclusion of the extra small tips provides more flexibility to fit even more people’s ears.
Angled housing and canal tube – this makes fit and isolation easier for more listeners.
Single Driver IEM in right ear and left ear

3-button remote.  Usually, this is not a big deal, but what is a big deal is that the buttons are not marked.  This, in my opinion, makes the remote more subtly good-looking.
The cable, from the earphone housing to the Y-connect is the normal cable – how it usually looks with most non-detachable earphones in the market.  From the Y-connect to the headphone plug, the cable is braided.  Those two types of sheath, in one mass-produced earphone, is rare and makes for a diversely unique cable experience.
The Y-connect and earphone plug are brushed aluminum, but have a minutely ribbed feel to it – a luxurious feel for not a huge price of admission.
As a whole, the Single Driver looks and feels wonderful.  Let’s delve into how the Single Driver sounds. 
How does the 1MORE Single Driver sound?
The Single Driver embodies an upper midrange with slight bass type of signature.  The Single Driver is not very difficult to drive, either, so reaching a loud volume should not be a concern.
The bass can be subtle, but is present.  There is not much hard-hitting, but has a laid back sound that is not intrusive.  Great for relaxing – and can show somewhat when bass-heavy tracks are playing.
The midrange has a smoothness and trueness to it, which makes it commendable.  Put it with an exemplary sounding DAP, and you have a very good sounding IEM, especially in this price range.  The vocals shine through. 
The treble is not excessive and sounds a little rolled off, which is a godsend for those that are treble sensitive.  The treble that can be heard, is balanced and better sounding to my ears than a lot of IEMs out there.
The soundstage will mostly depend on what size and different type of tips that are used.  Using the accompanied silicone tips, you get adequate soundstage and imaging.  Resolution and balance are the two areas where the Single Driver shines, in my opinion. 
Even though the overall presentation is relatively clear sounding with slight bloom for the bass, you really can’t go wrong for the price.
Final summary
This is one IEM that sounds very good for its price, and can easily be compared to IEMs that cost multiple times its price.  The design of the Single Driver, and the sound, are above its weight in gold, or in this case, a little more than several dollars and other equivalent currencies.  The Single Driver IEM is recommended for those that want a great performing IEM that will not break the smallest of banks.
Type       Dynamic Driver IEM
8mm Single Dynamic
Frequency Range   20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance   32 Ω
Sensitivity  98 dB
IEM Body Aluminum Alloy (80%)
Housing Color   Gunmetal
Cable Material   OFC enameled copper, Kevlar reinforced
Cable Type  Fixed, 125 cm, cloth knit outer (below Y-connect)
Controls3-Button Remote and Mic (Android)
Jack   Straight, Gold plated, 3.5 mm, 3 pole
Weight 15 g
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Oct 12, 2015
Nice review! Been using them for a very long time now and they are durable as screw.


I know that 1More/Xiaomi have updated them a bit when they were branded as a special edition of the Xiaomi Piston 3. At first, they could not work on both ios and Android. The ones I owned came later and does work with both, but is a bit finicky with ios at times. The voice of China edition of the Xiaomi Pistons also got a few new accessories over time, so I guess there was a chance again. Whether or not it's only the packaging stuff that has changed remains unknown. I'm curious if yours work with both ios and Android.

Just to point out some details, the strain relief on the right iem has a small ring that provides tactile feedback. It's from the Piston 2 line, where both sides look the same. It's a nice touch even though the mic on the future generations should make it obvious. The button on the centre is also slightly recessed on mine. Not visible unless you put it near your eyes, but provides a nice tactile feedback. Xiaomi did change the buttons on the original Piston 3 so I'm curious if this version also has had some changes since I purchased them.
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The specific version that I have as shown in the pictures, the remote works with my iPhone 6 as such:

I can volume up, down, play/pause and summon Siri.

I can not track forward or backward.

Other versions (if and/or when available) may or may not exhibit the same features.

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