Replacing my ATH-CKS77s
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Jan 11, 2012
Sadly after a few good years my CKS77s have been pinched :frowning2:
Now I could replace them as there are still some available via eBay, but I thought id take the opportunity to try something new, but similar. I loved how they sounded, the only issues I had were to do with the form factor. I'm looking for an IEM not quite as bulky in the ear, and that has a straight audio jack rather than the right angle of the CKS77. Other than that I was happy with them.
I have a PA2V2 with Fiio line out cable and 30pin to lightning adaptor, so not worried about buying IEMs that benefit from an Amp. Source is an iPhone 6.
Keen to hear any suggestions under $150US
Thanks in advance!

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