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Replacing my 3.5 to 2.5 balanced SE846

  1. cjoh242
    I’m thinking about replacing my stock 3.5 cable for a 2.5 balanced for my SE846s. just wondering if anyone has done this and if it makes much if any considerable difference in sound signature and quality. If so do you have any cable recommendations as to where I could pick some up?
  2. artpiggo
    buy new cable with default 2.5 mm option. You can ask for suggestion on what budget you have and what you expect the sound from upgrade cable. Leave stock cable as it is.
  3. melons
    Can only comment on 2.5mm balanced with an AK70 mkii DAP, but after trying a cheap balanced cable with Sennheiser 'ie80s' iem's I was impressed enough to then spend E150.00 on a decent (hopefully) 2.5mm balanced cable from Forza.

    Initially tried a FiiO cable which cost around £30 (UK) and volume increased dramatically as did SQ (staging, dynamics etc) overall, excepting a slight drop in bass and the cable introduced too much treble, but for £30 it was a cheap and eye opening experiment.

    If you want a cheap taster of 2.5mm balanced, FiiO also do a cable for the se846 iem's. Product ref: RC-MMCXB, link to UK Dealer website pasted below:


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