Replacement to / repairing Etymotic MC5s
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Oct 22, 2011
Hi, I bought Etymotic MC5s back in 2011 which look like they're going to die soon. Sound-wise they're absolutely fine, but for well over a year now the cabling has been tearing up.
At first it split open near the jack, and stayed fairly small, but then I noticed small slits near where the cable meets the actual earphone, and now it's split open in several places all along the cable, exposing the wiring (a few different colored wires, and then loads of softer, yellow ones). As it stands the earphones still work, but one split wire is all it'll take.
Is there any way I can repair/replace the cabling?
In addition, in January the housing randomly came apart I used superglue to put them back together, which might make it difficult trying to open them for rewiring.
If repair isn't viable, then can you suggest new IEMs at around the same price point? (~$100). I've got used to the triple-flange tips, and really value the isolation, so I would prefer ones which either have 2+ flanges, excellent isolation, or have similar tips available for a low cost. I listen to a mix of music and have found these earphones to be fine, so I might just buy the same ones again if needed, but I was wondering if there's anything else you'd recommend instead.
Thanks! :)

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