Replacement Headset Cable
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New Head-Fier
Jan 7, 2013
I have been searching around but without much luck, so I am hoping someone here may have seen what I am after.
Basically I have a headset - headphones and mic, and need a replacement cable, 2x3.5mm jacks
The headset end will be soldered on so no requirements there.
I have found cables but they are all cables ending with a single jack, and I need two (standard for PC is the green/pink connectors although I'm not worried about the colour).
Most of my searching has just ended with Y splitters which is useless for me...
If it is not possible to get one combined cable does anyone know a way to "stick" two cables together so they don't hang apart without using something nasty like tape or glue.
Any sites people know need UK shipping (or preferably a UK site), and I'm only looking for a cheap solution - it's not an expensive headset, just annoying that everything works except the cable - seems a waste to throw away.

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