Replacement for Phonak Audeo 112's?
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Feb 23, 2010
I'd been out of the IEM game in a while (like, quite a few years), having got the Phonak Audeos and later on a pair of Sennheiser HD595s, however now my Phonak's are starting to show signs of wear (after 5 years or so) and it's getting harder and harder to get filters here in the UK. So, I was wondering what the phones of the months are nowadays, since I'm starting to contemplate replacing the phonaks with something else.
I'm pretty much looking for the phonak-but-not-phonaks, so preferably over-ear, great separation and trebles, and very low bass extension with at least an OK bass presence (tend to use an equaliser along with a bass boost on a Fiio E7, though it'd be better if I don't need to). My budget would more or less be the same, too - around £100-£150 ($120-$180).
And yeah, IEMs only, can't really be bothered to lug headphones around.

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