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Replacement for Nuforce NE-6

  1. m0rn
    So a little over a year my NE-6 has crapped out on me (2nd pair after warranty replacement), I purchased the Brainwavz M4s as a replacement but I didn't like their sound what so ever. Granted I'm no expert but the bass sounded too boomy and the highs and mids sounded like they were projected in a tin can. But after having them for a week the right side started going so I returned it to Amazon.
    I'm looking to spend $65 max, but I love the sound of the NE-6s and I was wondering if anyone give any recommendations to something similar in sound. I'm sort of reluctant on getting another pair of Nuforces (even though I love the sound) since I've had 2 headphones crap out on me already and a few Amazon reviews on the NE-700x seem to suggest their build quality is kind of iffy, but their customer service is great to deal with. I listen to mostly Jazz and Hip Hop and a bit of everything else once in a while.
    Here are a few I've been looking at:
    Klipsch S4
    Nuforce 700x
    Sennheiser CX-500
    Audio-Technica ANC23
    Thanks for any help!

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