replace primary and secondary laptop HDD
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 16, 2008
i currently have a laptop with a primary internal HDD of 160GB 7200rpm 8MB buffer and a secondary 320HDD 5400rpm 8MB buffer

(1) - i want to replace at least the primary with the largest capacity still at 7200rpm and a 32MB buffer

(2) - the secondary one id like to rplae with the biggest storage possible

i feel that (2) is better than getting an external because i find them more unreliable

im am most favourable to seagate and WD, my primary is a seagate and it really tkes a racking, and falls, but still keeps going!

so, is 500GB the limit?
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I just put in a seagate 500g with 8m cache. Its very quite and am very happy with it. I didnt look online but in the stores I went to 500g seem to be where they max out at and very few with a 8m cache. I did see some gaming drives with a 16 m cache but they were only 320g.
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I have the last gen 320GB Seagate 7200.3 hard drive in my laptop BTW. It's very snappy and I can sustain 50MB/sec transfers between my laptop and other machines with it.
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yes ive had a look and 500 seems the best atm, with 16mb cache, think i will go for the 7200 16mb 500gb seagate, no real point changing the secondary 320 one for the 500
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^ have been mulling this issue, but it does add alot of cables to the mix, but it does allow you physically move the hard drive, then again its probably same size as my laptop and alot more fragile, cant decide!

ive already removed laptops cd drive to put a second hdd in

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