Removable cable/unscrewable in-ear earphones?
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Jun 7, 2015
Hi everyone!
This is my first thread here and I am hoping to get some help from the knowledgeable Head-Fi community!
I am searching for the best pair of in ear earphones for me.
If possible, I'd like to spend no more than 200 bucks.
My absolute MUST HAVE conditions (besides audiphile level/awesome sound quality) for the earphones are these:
1. They actual earphone part MUST be removable/unscrewable
    I have wasted too many good pairs of earphones because of a broken cable, where eventually I could only hear on one side.
    After throwing away many many pairs of earbuds I have realized that this is the safest way for me to keep earbuds for the long term.
    I have seen some featuring this kind of thing in Westone, UM, and Shure earphones but I am open to any suggestions! :)
2. Good for pop, rock, and house music
    These are mainly what I listen to so it would be great if you could give me some suggestions for earphones that are great for these genres.
    I am not sure if the requirements for "good" earphones for these genres are the same or not, so that's also why I'm asking the Head-Fi community!
    Of course, I would be ready to make compromises if it is unrealistic to find earbuds that are good for all of these genres.
(3.) Bonus: Remote
      I listen to most of my music on my iPhone so it would be great if there would be a remote, not a MUST though.
Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your time and help!


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