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Remember the Aëdle Vk-1’s? Aëdle just opened super-early bird reservations for their VK-X's (wireless, noise cancelling, and still just as stunningly designed)

  1. mutik67
    When Aëdle first arrived on the hi-fi scene in 2011, they very quickly rose to prominence, and became known for their beautiful, handmade headphones, the VK-1’s. With an almost religious focus on minimalism, and fusing striking design with impressive function, these lambskin and CNC-milled aluminium headphones were a true gem in the niche, hard-to-come by headphone market.




    The sonics weren’t overly groundbreaking, with a bit too much emphasis in the lows which would often bleed into the mid-lows/mids, but a year and a half later, Aëdle announced the VK-2's, which were designed with the aim of improving the acoustics, which they (for the most part) achieved.

    Now, the French company is back at it again, with the VK-X’s, which they’re (quite rightfully, IMHO) touting as the “most refined wireless headphones”. Sporting aptX, LDAC, and aptX HD, (capable of 24 bit/ 96kHz), along with analogue playback, Aëdle really has gone the whole nine yards with these cans. See their website and journal for the full specs.


    Shipping in November 2018 for $649 USD, they’re available for $349 USD (50% off) for the next few days on Indiegogo. There’s even a “made to order” option, where you will receive a swatch book of aluminium tiles and coloured leather, so you can choose from 36 different combinations.

    You can find more info on the VK-X’s here.

    All images from Aëdle.
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