Relative Noob looking to build System
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Sep 8, 2010
Hi guys,

I am finally making some decent money to upgrade from my current system which is really crappy budget system which i got as a student...

I mostly watch a lot of TV-series and Movies, but i also love listening to good music.

After reading extensively on the forums I had almost decided on getting the LSR305 from JBL, but on listening to them by themselves I thought they missed the deep Bass, the shop i found them in didnt have the LSR310s to try out.

So now i am looking for advice on which sub to get to complement the system (the LSR310s or some other?) . Also right now i am listening directly from the PC so is it worth investing in a DAC... Especially if i have never had any hum issue?

I am looking to put in about 600-700 USD on the system... Please advice.

I love the clear vocals that you get with the LSR305 but you are most welcome to suggest alternatives to them as well.
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The thing is that pro audio subs often don't have good bass extension below 30hz because music doesn't generally need that. But movies often benefit from that. Not sure what the best sub deal is right now. But ask in this thread over in the AVS subwoofer forum:

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