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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by Harry Manback, Apr 27, 2018.
  1. Harry Manback
    I've been cured of my audiophile nervosa!!!

    I'm selling my Schiit Stack in favor of my ODAC and DIY headphone amp.

    Please post here if you too have been cured or are free from the dreaded malady! Spread the good news!
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  2. ev13wt
    I can't hear audiophiles over the loudness of my DT 770 on a cheap China FX-Audio DAC-X6

    Trust no one! Hey why should I?!
    They gave me the poison dressed like life!
    Cheated, smacked up, and diseased! Cry to sleep and fight to eat!
    Used to be a pro at this, Now I've broken my own wrist!
    Rotten teeth and life unsung, YOU'LL FORGET ME WHEN I'M GONE!!!

    I used to be a lot like you, but now i'm only me.
    I used to be a lot like you, but now i'm only me, i'm only me!
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  3. bigshot
    I am half-half... I have fancy headphones and speakers, but regular players and amps. Best of both worlds!
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  4. colonelkernel8
    Good on you. If you want an ODAC, I have one I'll give to you. It's the JDS Labs Rev. B one with RCA outputs.
  5. Harry Manback
    You not an ODAC fan?
  6. Harry Manback
    I think you have the winning formula.
  7. colonelkernel8
    They are great. I just have a couple of them and most of my setups are DACs integrated with amps.
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  8. BobG55
    It took me a few years & a lot of dollars to finally come to my own conclusions based on many expensive experiences and research. This Forum has been a tremendous help especially when I consider the fact that I just don't have the mental abilities for learning/ understanding the technical aspects of the audiophile world. It was the same with math in school. It's just not in my DNA. I'm turning 63 in a few days so it's like ol' Clint said in "Magnum Force" : "... man's got to know his limitations ..." & I know mine & accept them. My point ?

    Since I'll never understand ohm, impedance, Hz, dB, etc. measurements &/ or how to calculate & apply them I have to rely strictly on my musical ear. I've now reached certain conclusions :

    - I don't believe balanced output amps/ headphones are any better sounding than SE
    - I believe that tube rolling with most tube amps is practically a waste of time & money (save a few nuanced/ subtle sound alternations)
    - I believe (even though I can't explain or understand it's science) that amps w/ high impedance gives your headphones a more controlled & tight bass
    - I don't believe in expensive headphone aftermarket cables anymore
    - I don't believe all of the hype concerning outrageously expensive DACs any more
    - I do believe that a little DAC chip costing no more than a few dollars & being part of a well built internal/ external DAC is all you need
    - I don't believe that most outrageously expensive headphones are better than less costly ones; e.g. the HD600, properly amped is as good as the Utopia, IMHO
    - I do believe that high impedance headphones like the HD650, HD600, HD800 have to be well amped to really shine; an ex member of Head-fi (who now writes on another social network & who's opinion I choose to rely on because he knows what he's talking about) said it best : "the HD650 is not veiled; the amps most audiophiles use w/ the HD650, are veiled.
    - finally I prefer an SS amp to a tube amp; I like a musical, detailed, well balanced & non coloured amp with a fair amount of power in order to be able to drive my headphones

    In conclusion: I'm not going to profess that I've reached my end game. I'm not professing any longer, but , I will say this : I've owned many high-end SS & tube amps (e.g. Eddie Current Zana Deux S & Headamp GS-X MKII as examples and a few more expensive amps); I've owned high-end Audeze, Utopia, Hifiman, etc. headphones also ... now I own a vintage Sansui AU-719 int amp, the Airist Audio Heron 5 headphone amp, a vintage Kenwood KA-8006 int amp & the JDS Labs Objective 2; headphone wise, I've owned, on & off since 2003 & now for the last two years the HD600 & HD650; my other headphones are the HD800 bought used, the PS1000 also bought used & the old AKG K340 & K240 Sextett (600 ohm).

    I've had this set up for a while now & for the first time since I've started out in this hobby, I know, for a fact that, sound wise, this is as good as it's going to get & I'm finally content with my set up & it's sound quality.
    The longing for the "geez I wonder how much better that one would be" ? is gone and has been for a while. Everything I've listed/ written in this post is based on experience. Mine.

    *** I would like to ask members who may read my post & who want to challenge my points of view/ conclusions or correct me or argue, scoff at or the fact that I rely of the Subjective side of audio is ... *** PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE : I will not respond because that is not the point of my post. The point of my post is : it's been a long expensive learning audiophile road & I've pretty much reached the end of it based on these personal experiences/ conclusions which I've listed & it satistisfies me. I am not disputing or challenging members who have different opinions or conclusions or arguments. I respect everyone's opinions and choices.

    I only wanted to contribute to the main topic of this thread about which I happen to agree.

    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
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  9. Harry Manback
    Well said BobG55.

    I hope that there is more progress to be made, but I think it will have to be in the areas of transducers, and imaging (making headphones sound more like speakers).
  10. JoachimL
    I feel the sound science forum is about to cure my disease as well. All in all, I haven't
    been too strongly affected, though. Over the past 16 years or so, I have only bought a
    Grado SR80, a Grado SR325i, a koss portapro, and an LCD-2C.

    When it comes to headphones, I'm not really "cured". But I'm slowly recovering from
    somewhat obsessively looking for a good amp/DAC combo.

    I recently bought an LCD-2C headphone. Though it is an upgrade from my Grado SR325i,
    I've gotten used to the new sound signature pretty quickly. First time I heard an LCD-2 (F),
    it made me smile. Now I don't think too much about the upgrade in sound. I do record some
    original music, however - and though the LCD-2C's response isn't perfectly flat, it might be
    ok for my home recordings. (Maybe I'll record a song or three in a proper studio one day).

    I have a portable DAC/amp - TTVJ slim - that I bought used some time ago. But while
    looking for a new headphone, I've begun desiring more expensive DAC/amp combos.
    However, I've become somewhat skeptic to differences in sound signatures in DACs.
    Perhaps this skepticism will evolve and eclipse the desire for an expensive amp.

    Anyway, if you have some good arguments against buying a new amp, I'm open to listen.

    My problem, for the time being, is that I seem to remember experiencing a wider soundstage
    and more clarity when auditioning an LCD-2F in the Hifi-store, compared to my LCD-2C and
    portable amp/DAC. I have the idea that the difference might be due to the more expensive
    Pioneer U-05 desktop amp/DAC combo that I tried in the store.
  11. fourrobert13
    Just read my signature...lol. All my listening is done on portable devices. The last DAP I owned was a Cayin N3. I just want to enjoy the music and that's what I do now. I don't need a DAP, amp, DAC, or expensive headphones/IEMs to enjoy my tunes nor do I want to have drag multiple devices around with me while on the go. I've never been a critical listener and can't be with three little ones at home so it just made sense for me to use a smartphone for my usage. It has given me extra cash to spend on new tunes instead of trying to get the next great thing in portable audio. Listening to music should be relaxing and I'm definitely relaxed now that I've let go of the audiophile mentality.
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  12. silverbot01
    Over the past year I've been on quite an adventure and it was hard to finally settle down. you'll see my gear in my signature and thats what I finally settled down on as far as source gear/amp/headphones. The headphones that really made a difference stuck with me. And the amp and dac that gave me no issues and powered everything just fine stuck with me as well. I've come to the conclusion a dac just needs to work, an amp needs to work well, and I leave it up the headphone to fulfill my taste in sound.

    My gear may change in the future but I don't think I'll add anything new without selling something first.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  13. Glmoneydawg
    This seems like a logical way of doing things.Transducers seem to be the best upgrade path.
  14. Philimon
    Lofi system for listening to lofi recordings.

    Midfi system for listening to midfi recordings.

    Hifi system for fun.

    There is too much music. And Ive wasted too much time listening to gear.
  15. Philimon
    (My headphones are for lofi - apple music and podcasts)
    Last edited: May 24, 2018

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