Regarding renaming of E11K to A3 (Available in Black and Silver)
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Jul 30, 2008

Dear respected customers,

With our ever-expanding product lines, there is a need to reform our naming rules for products. Thus we have adopted new standardized naming rules from the beginning of 2015, to make names more logical and memorable to make a better impression on potential customers. All future new models of amplifiers (excluding USB-audio-decoding multifunction units), will follow the naming pattern of Ax, where A stands for Amplifier and x is a number representing its position within FiiO’s amplifier product line.

For the E11K, after the clearance of existing stock, it will be renamed “A3” from June. Since it’s about renaming, there is no change to the unit itself, just a change to the name and removal of the mountain name “Kilimanjaro”.  Moreover, in order to bring convenience to those who want to use the X1 together the A3, we have made the A3 available in silver as an option.

Kind note: A3 Black will have the same brushed aluminum finish as existing the E11K, while the A3 Silver will have a sandblasted finish matching the X1.

Check the new product page for the A3 at: >>Click Here 

Best regards,

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