Rega Ear info
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Jul 9, 2002
Hello All:

I have been looking for information on the Rega Ear Amp, but have found none apart from Rega's own literature. If there are any folks out there that have the Rega Ear (and there must be some of you
) could you please pass on any opinions on this amp. I am a newbie when it comes to cans and amps, but am considering Grados, Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. If there is a particularly good (or poor) match with the "Ear" then I would appreciate that info too.

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Oct 23, 2001
Hey Dave,

as much as I liked the Rega and really wanted to sell them,things did not work out.It is a nice amp and a great deal at the $250 retail price if you can find one.I bought the first four imported in the new chassis and silver color and have since sold them all.It's too bad that to get one you will have to endure the long Rega backorder wait.If a dealer has one in stock buy it ,ASAP.Even if you hate it these amps sell for more than retail on Audiogon and ebay.The first one I sold on ebay sold with a "buy it now" price of $225.00 thirty minutes after I ran the auction.The other three sold for as much as $330.00.If you are looking for something that sounds very similar to my ears try the Meier Corda amp.The two sound almost indentical to me.The Rega could also stand a power-supply upgrade,as there is an audible hum at low listening volumes and it did sound MUCH better when I used it with the OBH-2 power supply from Creek.I still like the Grado best in that price range however(nope,I don't sell them Jude) and think it is an excellent amp.I just got a few Headroom amps including a Little and think it deserves strong consideration in this price range as well.Good luck,and sorry about your wallet.

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