Rectifier Tube Rolling at Low Volumes?
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May 22, 2004
I've been researching various tube amps over the weekend, and being a tube newb, was curious about people rolling rectifier tubes.

For example, in the WooAudio 6, changing the rectifier tube to the Sophia Princess 274B is supposed to be a massive improvement.

My understanding is that as the current requirements of the amplifier vary, the characteristics of the rectifier tube affect the response of the power supply over time. For example, here are some charts showing how different rectifiers in a guitar amplifier can drastically change its output.

I tend to listen at very low volumes. My main amp is basically a true class-A, three-channel MOSFET buffer with a volume control at the input. In other words, it's an active attenuator that also heats my bedroom

When listening at low volumes, is changing the rectifier tube likely to have a large effect? The WooAudio 6 claims to be class-A, so I assume that for low output power the current requirements don't vary(a true class-A amp would have constant current requirements over the entire operating range, but then a rectifier tube wouldn't have any I assume it is only partially class-A
). Would the stock tubes then be good enough in my case? Or is it the upgraded tube's imperfect response which gives it its magic, in which case I'd be missing out at low volumes?

Or is there something else at play entirely? I've only been looking into tubes for a couple days, after all...I understand very little so far.

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