Recommended upgrade for ADDIEM (Apple Dual Driver IEM)
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Jun 6, 2019
Hi guys, I have been using the ADDIEM for about 10 years now. I love the clarity, cleanliness and analytical signature of the ADDIEM. The bass has always lacked body, although it was something I was willing to sacrifice for better detail in the mid and trebles.

Most IEM's I've auditioned since using the ADDIEM sounds muddy in comparison, which is why I kind of didn't care about upgrading anymore. I knew I'd have to spend a lot more for perhaps marginal improvements in sound quality.

Recently I am thinking about upgrading, and auditioned over 20 IEMs at a local store. The only pair that I thought was a clear upgrade is the Acoustune HS1670SS. It shares similar tonality as the ADDIEM and with substantial bass. I can be very happy with it but I want to explore more options.

The other is the Fiio FH5 which I thought was okay. Trebles are good, mids are clear with a nice warm bass. However, it does sound somewhat disjointed. While I can probably accept it, I don't think I'm going to be very happy with it long term.

So what recommendations do you have, considering that I do like the sound signature of ADDIEM very much and would like to find an upgrade with similar sound signature but with improvements to the ADDIEM's weaker bass detail. I don't mind exploring IEMs with budget above or below the Acoustune HS1570SS - as long as the sound quality meets my expectations, and that it fits well in my ears. Although, a lower price means that I can buy it sooner.

Thanks a lot guys.
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So I’ve finally found the upgrade to the addiems - Etymotic ER4SR/XR. Which actually is kind of a no brainer, but it’s really difficult to audition since not many stores carry them for audition.

You absolutely want to audition this iem before you buy them since they are canal phones and you really have to poke them deep into the ears. It’s not comfy but I can tolerate it and after a while I just forget they are there. To fit them nicely you need to straighten your ear canals by gently tugging your ear downwards and backwards as you are inserting.

Sound is all round improvement over the addiems. Better details in mids and highs but especially the lows. If you liked the addiems then you’re used to the bass lacking body, the ER4 is no different in this regard. Instruments and vocals are clearly defined, there’s no muddiness anywhere in its sound signature.

There’s just something that so “right” about the sound of this pair of IEM. Vocals and instruments sounds just as they should.

Just for reference the following are iems I’ve auditioned in this search. While there were several I really liked, nothing comes close to the ER4 in terms of similarities to the addiem and being true sounding.

Sony IER-M7, IER-M9, IER-Z1R
Campfire IO, andromeda, Solaris
Acoustune 1501, 1503, 1551, 1650, 1670
FiiO FH5, FA7, FH7
Audio 64 Tia Fourte, Tia Trio, u6t
QDC Gemini,
Final audio E5000
Westone W80
Kinera Idun
Sennheiser IE500 pro, IE400 pro
Shozy & Neo BG
Elysian Labs Poseidon

And a bunch more I can’t remember the names of... save yourself some time and try the ER4SR/XR first.

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