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Recommended Custom IEM? Mid-budget!

  1. TurbinePro
    Just finished my over-ear headphone rig. And once that was in place...I suddenly lost appetite in my turbine pro coppers suddenly. Don't get me wrong, they are fabulous IEMs, and I really like them, they just (as of now) have to much bass for me.
    I want to start looking for a custom pair of IEMs right now. Any recommendations on this subject? 
    I am not sure about my budget yet. (I am a highschooler, so I don't have that much money to burn....) I do want my IEM's to be stylish of course... I want them to be rather balanced. I enjoy the Sennheiser sound, and I like genres from anime to light jazz to country to rock...
    Suggestions PLEASE!!! I have no idea what i am getting into (similiar to when I first started with headphones)
  2. TurbinePro
    I have heard that the JH 16's are quite nice and fit my budget around 1000 dollars. Anyone have any experience with those?
  3. Ivabign
    My only reservation about the JH16 for you is that a custom might not last real long for you as your ears still might change on you and a reshell might be required in less than 2 years - if cash is not an issue - go for it - if it is, maybe consider a Universal model of some of the customs available - the Noble universal line has some great options - also if the Coppers had too much bass - the 16's might be a bit bass heavy as well - I don't find them too bassy, but they are my ears - :D
  4. TurbinePro
    haha, money certainly IS a factor for a 17 year old like me...... but around 1000 should be ok. You were saying the JH16's have similiar base compared to the coppers?
    I don't dislike bass, I just don't like them covering up the other frequencies.

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