Recommendations from a selection of inexpensive headphones available in Brazil
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Mar 21, 2006
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Mar 21, 2006
Good evening Head-Fi-ers ...
A couple years back, my family moved to Brazil. From arrival until yesterday, my small headphone collection was able to fill all my needs, so I've had no need to explore the domestic selection. Yesterday though, my only remaining pair of headphones fit for exercise fizzled out.
Looking at every electronics and general merchandise site I could think of here, I'm a bit surprised at the lack of availability of the more highly regarded budget offering by many headphone makers. For example, almost none of the highest rated selections included in various budget headphone roundups are available here, even when the manufacturer does have a presence here. Brazil has some pretty severe import restrictions and tariffs, so it doesn't surprise me that some companies just don't want to or cant get their products into the market here. However, I can find AKG and Panasonic IEMs here, just not the ones that, for example, The Wirecutter chose as its best in class.
I have managed to assemble a list of options though. All of the models listed below are available inside Brazil for less than 200 reais ($60, though import duties and such mean that these are headphones that sell for between $15 and $30 in the US). 
Here are the candidates (I realize there are good number, so I'm mainly looking for your quick takes, based on direct experience or an intuition from things you've heard):
  1. Philips 1360
  2. Philips SHE3900BK
  3. Philips SHE8000
  4. Edifier H180
  5. Edifier P185
  6. Edifier H210
  7. Edifier P220
  8. Edifier P293
  9. Sennheiser MX 270/271
  10. Sennheiser MX 365
  11. Sennheiser MX 470
  12. Sennheiser CX 215
  13. Sennheiser CX 281
  14. Sony MDR-EX37B
  15. SONY DR-EX12IP
  16. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100
  17. Audio-Technica ATH-COR150
  18. JVC HAFX8B
  19. Yurbuds (CE) Inspire 100
  20. Panasonic RP-HJE290PPK
As far as my priorities other than cost, I'm looking for (relative to this price class):
  • Decent build quality (to stand up to jogging, etc.)
  • Versatile for a range of music genres, towards the fast and lively (my favorite headphones are Grado [fullsize], then my Westone 2 [IEM] )
  • Comfort (Would prefer an IEM but an ear bud with a tighter fit is fine; I used a pair of old iPhone ear buds this afternoon that kept slipping out of my ear)
I'm definitely open to other suggestions, however, I'm reluctant to resort to international shipping options as import taxes can balloon the final price and "lost" packages are common for anything that has to involve the postal system.
[size=17.03px]Any help is genuinely appreciated! [/size]
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