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Recommendations for sub £150 BT Over Ear Headphones (i know the soundstage i like)

  1. Gideon
    Hi All,

    Not posted for a while just been lurking :)

    I'm not sure if what i'm looking for is even available but after reading all the numerous threads i'm still not quite sure, it could be i've read so many things i've tied myself in knots

    My main home listening headphones are the AKG K92's which are 90% of what i like and i would like their soundstage with a couple of tweaks in a Bluetooth form for when i'm out and about.

    I would still like the phones to be Over ear rather than On Ear as i find On Ear quite uncomfortable, if the AKG K92's had a little more punch to the bass that would be desireable as although it is my least listened to music type i do listen to certain dubstep on occasions (Crystalize - Lindsey Sterling is one of my test tracks for this), again on certain music i find the mids a little recessed on the AKG K92s depending on the vocal range.

    When listening through a Fiio X type device i find the above isn't as bad and it's slightly more noticeable on android phones,etc..

    Music genres generally on the list are rock/metal/country/easy listening/classical with the odd step in to pop/dubstep so for most the neutral monitor style ticks most of the boxes like the AKGs but just a little more presence in the bass with more clarity on the mids than the K92's offer in a bluetooth over ear form factor.

    Before i confused myself i was looking at the Marshall Monitor Wireless or the Audio Technica AR5BT's, open to any suggestions/recommendations for anyone who knows what the K92's do and understand what i'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance you lovely people
  2. yong_shun
    You can consider Sennheiser HD4.40BT.

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