Recommendations for Budget Mini Speakers (Around 50 USD) with a fun sound?
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Jul 4, 2013
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First, I would like to point out that what I mean by a "fun sound" is slightly V-shaped with maybe a slightly more of a mid bass hump with still a nice extension in the sub-bass and the treble, all without sacrificing the mids of course.
Basically, a Sennheiser Momentum M2 with a slight boost in the treble for that clear but non-fatiguing sound.
These will be driven with a Fiio Andes E07K.
What I need:
- Around 50 USD
- 3.5mm connection (I don't wanna be paying for the bluetooth technology)
- Slightly V-shaped signature, no nasal-ness or "buzzing" treble, controlled and refined sound (ie. +2-3 treble Sennheiser Momentum M2, Audio Technica ATH-CKR10)
- Fairly compact (My room doesn't have room for monitors)
I may be missing some other requirements, so please do point out some things!
I can get the speakers either online or at a local Walmart, Target, or Best Buy.
UPDATE: I bought a used Sony SRS X5 for about 69.99 USD + ~11 USD for expedited shipping on Amazon.
Serves my needs quite well, seems very boomy on first impression. I had to EQ the bass down a few db and add +2 treble on my Fiio Andes E07K for my liking.
Great for when you don't want speakers strapped on your head at home. 
I had the Fiio Andes E07K on 12 gain and +2 treble. The EQ I made on PowerAMP on my tablet is in the spoiler.
Afterwards, sounds great with moderate volume levels. More room-fulfilling at higher volumes. Vocals come through clean, bass is more tamed and polite, and the treble is present without becoming fatiguing.



Fiio Andes E07K with Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.0

Soundmagic HP200 Extension cable with Auvio threaded male to male 3.5mm

EQ curve I made on PowerAMP: this was to lower the bass on the speaker.
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In my experience, $50 budget mini speakers are all going to be flawed. Best thing to do is go listen to some and find the ones with the flawed sound that you can live with.
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Head-Fi was very slow in approving my thread so, I already bought myself a used Sony SRS X5 for around 80 USD.
Read and watched some reviews/audio tests.
Now, just awaiting their arrival.
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Good to hear you are enjoying it. I had a chance to demo it before with my phone connected via aux cable, and I thought it sounded pretty good. I'm sure it was a good deal at that price :)

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