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Recommendation: Better DAC for Sennheiser HD6XX.

  1. gintonic820

    Since I'm new in High-Res Audio headphones, I need good advice from you guys...

    Currently I'm using Sennheiser HD6XX + NuForce uDAC3 (USB DAC) and I was thinking about upgrading to Yulong Daart Canary DAC (used,mint condition 159$) because it has good reviews.

    My question/dilemma is, would I really notice the difference between two DAC devices and is it a good investment?

    I would like to say that I'm from Europe, not USA.

    Thank you.
  2. pbui44
    You will notice a difference, but much more from the amp section than the DAC section. Both have volume pots (variable sound) for the headphone amp, but the YuLong has a lot more small parts (capacitors, tracers, etc.) than the NuForce, allowing more power, which almost always means better sound control quality and overall depth, to be sent for the amps. However, the NuForce will always be a great portable DAC/amp, as the YuLong will be, at the very least, cumbersome to transport anywhere.

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