Recommend Hard Rock Bands
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three days grace - never too late
three days grace - animal i have become
avenged sevenfold - almost easy
avenged sevenfold - bat country
chevelle - the red
chevelle - i get it
chevelle - send the pain below

theres more but i cant remember off the top of my head. i'll post them later
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Ah,i love never too late.Didnt know they were hard rock.The song was quite tranquil.
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Originally Posted by Relinquished /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ah,i love never too late.Didnt know they were hard rock.The song was quite tranquil.

Never Too Late seems to be a more tranquil, tame song. Different than their others.

I can't believe Avenged Sevenfold hasn't come up yet. One of my favorites(see avatar). Also, I'd suggest Five Finger Death Punch and Htebreed, especially the entire "Supremacy" album.
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Two I can't believe I didn't think of are Down and Clutch. Down is I guess more stoner rock, but Stone the Crow and The Seed are good songs of theirs.

Clutch has such a huge discography that its hard to pick just a few songs, but maybe Pure Rock Fury, Escape from the Prison Planet, The Mob Goes Wild, and for a hilarious song that I've heard was written to make fun of Fred Durst, Careful with that Mic.
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Nobody has suggested Slipknot?! With "Wait and Bleed" being my fav song off their self-titled album.

System of a Down should be on your list with maybe the albums Toxicity and Steal This Album being the first ones to take a look at. "Chop Suey" if you need a particular song.

Mabye the band Breaking Benjamin.

Cold's album 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage.

Modest Mouse (not really it's a trap!)

Papa Roach's album Infest, but stop there. Their other albums are lame.

Most of the other recommendations seem pretty good too.

I see you're not in the States, otherwise you couldn't have turned on a radio without hearing most of these recommendations.

Happy listening!

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