Recable ksc75... with what?
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Well I love my ksc75, and now its time to recable them (they are 2 years old)

Frankly they deserve it by now.

But which cable should I use (they are only used portable)? I find it hard to find any "good" cable that is not, well thick...
Secondly I live in the EU, so if you could help me with some nice shops as well, it would be great. Preferably also places where I can buy some techflex and heatshrink

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use the SPC wires from ebay, navship. cheap yet good enough sounding.
you dont really need a heatshrink tube for ksc75. it is better off without one, in terms of flexibility. i would say, use multifilament sleevings or cotton sleevings if you can find one.
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super, but I don´t know if he ships to the EU, but if he does... which of these cables are "best", what should I look for?
Is there no dealers in the EU?
It just could be nice, not having to pay 30% + ~20$ extra in tax and so forth
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Originally Posted by technetium /img/forum/go_quote.gif
super, but I don´t know if he ships to the EU, but if he does... which of these cables are "best", what should I look for?
Is there no dealers in the EU?
It just could be nice, not having to pay 30% + ~20$ extra in tax and so forth

I am pretty sure that there is a local shop that sells silver plated copper. It is quite an ubiquitous product, and cheap ~1e/m. Have you asked your local diy/hifi/electronics shops in denmark?
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Oh it's much cheaper off eBay, $8 per 50 feet
Great quality sold by "navships", always buy my stuff there, great seller.

hi FallenAngel, the SPC cable should be use 19 stands or 1 stands? any different?
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wow, I totally dont get how you guys put up with the navships wire :confused_face_2: cheap is not a good enough reason to use that stuff IMO, so microphonic and stiff, even the stranded, its the stiffest stranded SPC i've ever come across and people use and recommend it for headphone cables …?

i'm constantly amazed by how often its recommended here, I got it based on recommendations from here, used it once and the rest is still sitting here 5 years later; I dont even use it for prototyping amps etc because its difficult to strip without damaging the strands. the 2 types I got from there would be more accurately described as SPC filled teflon, than teflon coated SPC, as theres far more teflon than wire. thats if its even teflon
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It's the best hookup wire available for the price and selection, IMHO.  It also works pretty d*mn good as interconnect wire, too.  Every GrubDAC CableDAC kit uses the stuff.  Years of work with my soldering iron will confirm for you that it's teflon.  Further, I've never heard any complaints about stripping it.  The 22 ga is absolutely great stuff.
I've never made it a recommendation for headphone cables, though.  I agree that it's too stiff for that - at least the 22 ga. I've never tried any other sizes, so I wouldn't be able to comment on it.
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there are quite a few polymers that wont melt at the temps used with every day soldering, but it probably is. its just the way the stuff I got is made, it doesnt seem to have been extruded on, but kinda coated and gets in the gaps of the strands, so while its possible to strip, its too easy to nick the strands. its thin, both types are thin, 28awg from memory, but its as thick as many solid 24awg wires I have due to the teflon; even at 28awg is incredibly stiff and stupidly microphonic. my main issue is the number of times it gets recommended for headphone cables, even IEM cables!! it completely baffles me and makes me think many people that do may never have made a headphone cable. most people i've said this to have already bought it and several have reported back confirming what I said, yet it continues to be recommended.

the stuff apexjr has is as good value and is fully milspec all sizes, many colours, available in solid or stranded, coax, twinax etc and he'll make up bulk assorted packs. great to deal with as well.

great stuff for prototyping and I use it for power supply in final builds sometimes too, but I wouldnt use it for headphone cables either. Another one I personally like the belden solid-core copper network cable for prototyping, comes in bundles of 4 x 100ohms PTFE copper twisted pairs, with some kind of synthetic fiber for strain relief and covered in a thin outer sheath. Belden Datatwist CAT5E 1583A. its some kind of foamed teflon too I think, easy to strip with a fingernail, leaves no mark

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