Recable headphones questions
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Apr 6, 2008
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1. What do you guys think of using one ferrite core at the Y?

2. Any recommendations for high-end 3.5mm mono jacks? I want to mod my AudioTechnicas so I can use two mono Canare F-11 connectors and one stereo F-12. I will be using Canare Star Quad. Would this be a big mistake? I believe this was already done by someone on this forum. Looks really cool, but maybe I should just solder the cables directly to the headphones just like stock...

3. Do I need to (or should I) ground the metal shielding of the Star Quad cable at one end? If so, then which end? I have read about this being done on DIY Belden power cables. Also, if the main part of the cable is shielded, then how do you shield the Y part? I am guessing that twisting the cables fixes this...

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