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Reasonably priced power strip / surge setup?

  1. Chartreuse
    I'm not entirely bought into the power cord / power conditioning craze, but I want to experiment a little to see if a new power strip (e.g., not belkin) will improve my performance. Running a Chord DAVE (and I can't imagine they'd ship it with a power cord that's so much worse than something you can get for $300 bucks that it would make a difference), but the power strip worries me a bit. It's old and cheap. I keep it around because I've lost electronics before from surges and lighting strikes, so the insurance is worth the SQ cost.

    Any recommendations on a reasonably priced (<$150) power strip and surge protector? Open to arguments for spending more, but will approach with squinty eyed skepticism given the sophistication of DAVE's power supply as is.
  2. Alcophone
    Furman PST-8 seems to be an excellent surge protector. PST-8D for some extra isolation. Not so sure about its power conditioning abilities, the iFi iPurifier AC still helps.
  3. Pavioni
    Easy choice from the low rent side of town




    All I use because when they can't take another hit, they shut down.
    Been using them for years, looked at other brands but when their surge protection is shot they don't shut down leaving your gear totally unprotected.

    I live in Florida, lightning and power surges are no joke down here. I haven't lost any gear hooked into a Tripplite. Sadly tho, my vintage
    H/K CD391 tape deck at the office was on a plain power strip - looked like Sherman vs Atlanta inside after a strike on the lines 1/2 mile away.
  4. Alcophone
    Same source as for my recommendation. Basically, if you current surge protector is old, it probably isn't all that protective anymore.

    What I find weird is that for the Tripp-Lite TLP606, which I have used many of, Tripp-Lite is making that same claim: "Automatic shutoff cuts power to all outlets when protection circuit is compromised". Yet I have one where the protection light is off, but it still powered devices. Maybe the LED is broken? Hm.
  5. Pavioni
    Lifetime no bs warranty,send it back. I have without any problems or complaints from them.
  6. thegabe
    I'm using this:

    Furman AC-215A Compact Power Conditioner

    combined with

    Furman SS6B 6 Plug Surge Protector

    And by combined, I mean I have the surge protector plugged into the power conditioner, not for added "protection" but just to split out for more outlets.

    The power conditioner is on an awesome sale right now and both of those combined fall into your price range.
  7. One and a half
    A surge protector can be a Topaz isolation transformer, it can reduce 6000V impulses to nothing. I found the Furman types with coils and caps react with current pulses from audio equipment to do more harm than good to SQ.

    A Topaz with a plain power strip works a treat, and I also live in a sub tropical climate where thunderstorms abound in the summer. No failures.

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