RE2 Cable question
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Jun 9, 2009
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So I just got RE2 as previous threads might point out... Anyway... What would be the correct way to roll up the cables without damaging them? Cause those cables are stiff as hell and I don't wanna ruin them for doing it wrong...
Kinda silly question ... Also if you could includes photos/examples of how to it would be awesome!
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I roll them up the way they're sent to me. put it around my hands and coil them over.
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@ljcii Yeah that seems like the best idea..
@Aleatoris I used to do the same with some crappy headphones I used to have until I lost the single flange, ever since, no more pocket iem :p

How true is it that once the cable is "softened up" microphonics are reduced a little bit?

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