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Re-cabling NHT SuperBuds

  1. phileophile
    Hi there,
    I have a pair of NHT SuperBuds.  The sound isn't bad, but the cabling is terrible.
    I think there's an issue between the heavy housings and the un-strain-relief-ed cables.  
    I'm getting an intermittent short on the left side (volume switchy thing)
    I'd love to improve the situation with a better cabling solution.  Is there a good recommendation for a service or DYI?
  2. Rat Salad
    Not sure on the re-cabling, But since they have been out less than a year and have a year warranty contact NHT.
    I got a pair for the kid and one side went dead.  NHT sent out new ones same day we called, even before they got the broken buds back.  It was easy, they did not need case, or any other hardware sent back.. just the Buds.  
    They are a FANTASTIC company to work with, I have a few of their items and its all top quality and they have great service without being boutique snobs.   While the buds were the only item which I ever needed service, I have called alot for tech advice pre and post sale and they are great. 

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