RCA to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter
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May 29, 2007
i believe this is the best place to ask this question.
i play alot of games, on ps3 and 360, mostly at night because my little brother gets them all day. but at night, i have to turn down my speakers so lot i cant hear the in game talking.

so i got to thinking there has to be an adapter or a converter out there somewhere. and after refineing my search (in the begining i started with get 360 to play on headphones... which became a few other things to something more ehat i needed) my search lead me here.

Amazon.com: 2 x RCA Female / 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Female Adapter: Electronics

but something isnt right... it may be because its realy cheap, but the red and white audio cables usulay have a read and a white side on them, but this dosent.

i mean from the picture it looks like i can plug the headphones in and it looks like the red and white cables will go in it too. like for example this one
Amazon.com: Cables To Go - 40645 - 3.5mm Stereo Male To 2X RCA Female Adapter: Electronics
that is what i expected it to look like, but without the prong at the other end.

can anyone here tell me if that is what im looking for, or if i am way off.
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Nov 24, 2008
The first ones are teh oens you should be looking for. I don't know about that particular brand, but it's that kind of adapter. The lack of Red and White doesn't mean anything.
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Jul 26, 2008
I have the very same adaptor, the plugs should be colour coded however this model doesn't have the colour coding. There isn't a difference but you will have to work out which side is for the left and right which can be done by playing some form of audio file which would indicate which is the left and right.

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