Razer Electra Review, the good and the bad.
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Nov 10, 2013
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Nov 10, 2013

Razer Electra, Is it worth looking into ?

I recently got the electras and i have got to say that they are different.
first things first,
disclaimer: i am no expert. i am just a " layman " and a broke college boy who likes earphones. my aim here in head fi is to give a non " techy " review of my gear. i apologize in advance for any  mistakes. Happy Reading.
Build Quality
the build is allright. its not exceptionally good but not bad either. i was impressed by its comfort.

as seen above the headset has these special " swivel earcups ". boy are they comfortable!! they fit to the angle of your face. the faux leather cushioning is very soft and they provide good sound isolation. however they get heated up pretty fast. when you wear them for long gaming sessions you would find that the leather material makes your ears hot. another great disadvantage is that people with large ears will find it uncomfortable. it suits small and medium ears. the swivel cups do tend to get a little loose after a point but it does not make that much of a diffrence.

the inline mic was a bit of a let down. the quality was average. the biggest disappointment was the fact that pc does not support this mic. message to razer " these are "GAMING HEADPHONES " what do you mean pc does not support this mic? ". a major let down. the only advantage is the fact that you can switch cables.

the L plug is strong. it has lived through abuse and has held up pretty well. the cables of these are pretty thick and strong. they are not prone to memory effects.
moving on to aesthetics,

Razer was probably going for their own brand of aesthetics. there is another version which is a little more conventional plain black. these look bulky and flashy in my opinion.
if you have a neon sort of theme going on with your pc please go ahead and buy this one but if you are more conventional these will not suit you. these are not too good for outdoor use. frankly they are a little bit embarrassing to wear outside. they are shiny and stand out A LOT ! they are not so bad either. some how this bizarre combo works. moving along,

Sound Quality

the sound on these is good. the best feature is its sound isolation.when there is nothing playing they make the outside world seem blurred. when you are i that intense battle you cant hear the outside world at all. i have got to hand it to razer for making these so immersive. as an example when i was playing warframe the grenades exploded in my ear and i could hear the bullets whiz past me.
somehow these fail as music headphones. you would think that a gaming headphone would have a huge soundstage but these are average. on a brighter note these have clarity despite being bass heavy. the bass is just punchy where it needs to be and boomy where it needs to.
the overall quality of the sound is disappointing when looking at it as a music headphone. when you see it as a pure gaming headphone then it fares better.


Would i buy it for 70 dollars ? no. would i buy it for 30 to 35 dollars ? hells yes.
these can fare good or bad depending on many factors. if you are looking at this as a music headphone to also use for gaming then dont buy this. if you are looking at these as a gaming headset also to occasionally listen to music then yes.
the rating is as follows,
1 point for the swivel getting loose pretty fast. 1 point for the faux leather that heats up. 1 point for the inline mic.
all they gave was a headset and two cables ( one with and one without mic ). they really could have given one cable that had
the splitter for pc.
again this is respective to use so i will rank accordingly.
as a gaming headset : 8/10
the bass was nice and punchy which made the battlefield feel alive. the clarity was good enough but not the best ( could have done better), thus 2 points deducted.
as a music headset : 6/10
the bass is a little boomy for music. small soundstage. a little blurry on heavy tracks with a lot of guitar shredding. vocals are a little laid back. 1 point  for eachfault thus the 6 on 10.
Thanks for reading,
have a great day.
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