Rank the DACs you have tried

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  1. Music Alchemist
    So? Unless you compared the DACs on the same system, with everything else being the same, you might as well say you did not compare the DACs in question. (Just heard them on different systems.)

    I used an $1,800 DAC paired with a ~$350 speaker system and am getting better sound now with a $30 DAC paired with a ~$1,000 speaker system. (Or $3,500+ if you count other components.) That doesn't mean the cheap DAC is better.
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  2. Liu Junyuan
    1) Yggy currently tied with Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 Mk II SE +
    2) Soekris DAC 1541 (close to Yggy, better in some areas)
    3) Gumby (occasionally preferable to Yggy)
    4) Holo Spring level 3
    5) Metrum Amethyst
    6) Theta Progeny
    7) Gungnir DS w/USB gen 2
    8) Oppo HA-1
    9) Musical Fidelity V-DAC tied with original Modi

    Computer Sources

    1) Lynx AES16e
    2) Sonore microRendu with Uptone Ultracap LPS-1 into Mutec MC-3+ USB
    3) Eitr (trades blows with uRendu but I preferred uRendu most of the time; by far best value per dollar for performance)
    4) Mutec MC-3+ USB (too expensive but extremely versatile)
    5) Gustard u12
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  3. chillysalsa
    1. Eastsound E5 (sorry that is a CD player, but I had to put it there because the DAC, based on a Crystal 4390, with TCCO/TCXO clock and discrete class-A output, I think there are some DACs with similar achitecture so I had to list it here).
    2. Breeze Audio generic AK4497SEQ dac w/ MUSES 8920 output
    3. Scott Nixon TDA1543 tubedac
    4. ADCOM GDA-600 (using PCM63J)
  4. Thenewguy007

    Why the Holo Spring level 3 so low? I hear opinions that it's either better than the Yggy or it's worse than the Gumby. Opinions on it are all over the place with it.
  5. m17xr2b
    Have these been tested on the exact same headphone source and cables? Would't want to have your oppinion invalid because of this.
  6. pibroch
    1. Dangerous Music Convert-2 (USB input)
    2. Oppo 105D (USB input)

    Fed into pair of Geithain RL906 active speakers - same speaker and listening positions.
    Will test the Convert-2 against the Crane Song Solaris early January.
  7. Thenewguy007
    Can't wait to hear your impressions!
  8. biosailor
    Impressive to see the long list of DACs that have been compared! So far I had only two and the ranking is pretty obvious:

    1. Aqua Hifi La Voce S2
    2. Schiit Bifrost Uber

    The Bifrost was uninvolving and flat sounding, while the La Voce S2 opened up things immensely. I am thinking of upgrading to PS Audio's DirectStream DAC.
  9. pibroch
    So my impressions now:

    1.Dangerous Music Convert-2.

    3.(Equal 3rd) Crane Song Solaris and Oppo 105D.

    The Solaris' sound is much more detailed and less distorted than the Oppo's with more separation between musical instruments. The Oppo doesn't have the low mid absence of the Solaris and so in this sense sounds more natural.
  10. Crazycuz2k
    These are the standalone DAC’s I own, in order of most recent to oldest. I’d like to think each new DAC is better than the previous, at least specs wise they are. I still have a fondness for the DLIII when connected via coax though.

    1. PS Audio DirectStream Junior
    2. Oppo Sonica DAC
    3. Schiit Modi Multibit
    4. Meridian Explorer
    5. PS Audio Digital Link III
    6. PS Audio GCHA (DAC/HA combo)

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