Quloos QLS MC01 and MC01SE Dual CS43131 Type-C HiFi USB DAC/AMP for iPhone/Android Phone
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Feb 23, 2015

Design idea
● MC01 provides both 3.5mm single-end and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs. It utilizes only half of the dual decoding chips for the 3.5mm single-end output.
● The balanced port of MC01se has been cancelled. With the parallel output of two DACs, the 3.5mm single-ended output can be served by both DAC in four ways. Also without the balanced output, there is more room to optimize the single-ended sounds.
● To make the single-ended sounds convey a higher sense of depth and stereo perception, the gain of MC01se headphone amplifier has been triply increased. However, signal amplification will simultaneously increase distortion and noise, so the test parameters showed a bit poor.

Style of sounds
● The previous prototype is similar to QA361 regarding the style of sound, focusing on a sense of depth, the transparency and clarity of sounds.
●The apparatus finally put into mass production enhanced the atmosphere with higher sound density. Sound tends to be relaxing and generous like those of QA360LE based on the sound tunings of QA361. But in terms of imaging, it’s a bit like those good-quality magnetic tape devices in early days and conveys a sense of heaviness and solidity.

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I bought one of these recently (the MC01, in red) - the on-board volume controls and tiny screen were key positives for me.

In short using balanced 4.4 output these drive the planar Rapt-Go Hook-X very well at 50% volume so I think it's quite suitable for service, sounds as good as anything working accurately does. Didn't sound like I lost anything moving from my usual Topping desktop amp. You pay more compared to certain other products for the buttons & screen so if you value those features this will do nicely. If you don't need those features can probably use something cheaper. No background noise if anyone needed extra confirmation.

I like it. If this sort of device is on your shopping list may be something to consider when comparing features & price.
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Any comparison with Lotoo S2?

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